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I Side With

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Xaos, Mar 11, 2014.


Which party do you align with most according to this survey?

  1. Conservatives

  2. Labour

  3. Lib Dems

  4. Greens

  5. UKIP

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  6. BNP

  7. SNP

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  8. Plaid Cymru

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  1. Xaos

    Xaos Well-Known Member

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  2. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    i was gonna say none of these because reasons
    gonna do this test now anyway, for cracks

    conservatives- 92%
    uk independence- 91%

    politics could be discussed back and forth but where do you even begin
  3. Event_Horizon

    Event_Horizon SF Supporter

    I could not be bothered with your poll. It is ultimately pointless and also flawed as it does not include many of the alternative parties that have a serious message. But they don't get face time because they don't have friends in high places or media conglomerates to make them more widely known. Politics in its current form is not worth anything and democracy is merely a word relegated solely to the dictionary. Along with accountability and honesty.

    It is sad for me that I am at that point, especially when I used to engage so heavily within the system trying to influence changes. The problem I ran into was moneyed vested interests that don't give a fuck about facts that run counter to either their ideological narrative or financial interests. A perfect example of this is Jeremy Hunt with his ties to American private health care industries. You don't think there is a conflict of interest with the guy now making decisions and over writing being in charge of the NHS? With no electoral mandate to dismantle and privatise it? It is my suggestion you will yourself not to get sick and becoming old is right out.

    It is not about party lines any more it is about self interest, that is all that is left. Manifestos are worth nothing and blatant lies are the order of the day. Voluntary means mandatory and no top down reorganisation means the biggest top down reorganisation in the history of the country.

    Ask yourself this, what is the point of the government? Forget party divisions what do people actually think the role of government even is?

    I wont be voting, I have accepted I am a slave on a farm, I get the delight of being free range cattle unlike a good deal of other farms in the world, with access to feed and other meaningless choices. But still a slave that can be primed for slaughter at any point none the less.

    Is there a moderate party that takes rational approaches to serious issues? That thinks capitalism and socialism have value and their place in the world, borrowing the best bits from both while simultaneously adhering to ethical considerations and not running rough shod over inconvenient facts and adapting to them instead? No?

    All we seem to have is flip flops of extremes chasing populist policy for short term gain of swaying voter power. With papers spewing outright lies and fabrications creating an I am all right Jack mentality of greater division, bigotry and hate. Politicians not even understanding simple basics like, correlation does not imply causation. Or even knowing what the price of milk is. Our chancellor of the exchequer has a background in modern history and journalism for fuck sake, not economics! Does that not seem bat shit insane to you considering what is at stake?

    But here is a science based break down of why it is all so redundant and pointless in its current form.


    Happy voting.
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  4. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    ouch. a bit biting there at the end for little reason
    just 'cause people like silly polls doesn't mean they don't care about greater things or changing them or doing anything at all
    i know you're all bitter and angry at everything and the inability to transform it into something better
    and i'll totally read that pdf
    good day to you too, sir
  5. Event_Horizon

    Event_Horizon SF Supporter

    I can't say I am in the best mind frame Forest, it was meant as a bitter joke that does have its reason. Like a lot of people will debate policy but not read the actual policy. Can't blame them really it is not exactly short or made easily accessible. Actually I will go as far as to say it is intentionally made to be as difficult to understand as possible. We also exist in a time when, TL;DR is in existence. I will edit it out though. My sarcasm meter maybe off.

    I never said the poll was silly nor did I imply people don't care about anything at all. Quite the opposite we are just being systematically rendered powerless. The result of the actual poll are very interesting. But just like the Ugov Poll what people truly want goes ignored.

    I am often left baffled that quite a few people are not as angry and bitter as I am. Guess they are not affected yet or maybe just not informed or busy surviving and feeding their kids. I am sure when they are personally threatened they will get there. Only to find too late we are in retroactive law and double standards land regardless of what political party you vote for. You by default are on the wrong side of both by the way. Unless you are a party donor, obscenely wealthy, or a politician.

    I am glad you read the PDF though. You can't deny it is a problem. There is another study that is based solely on appearance determining how a person votes. It is all madness.
  6. Xaos

    Xaos Well-Known Member

    What specific alternative parties would you like to have seen included? I agree it would be nice to be given all the alternatives, just curious as to who has piqued your interest...
  7. Xaos

    Xaos Well-Known Member

    I'll read the PDF later sometime :)
  8. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Did this the other day when someone shared it on facebook, i side 93% with labour, which seeing as how im a member of the labour party its not much of a surprise
  9. Event_Horizon

    Event_Horizon SF Supporter

    Ah good question Xaos. It is not about who has piqued my interests it is about a balanced representation of the parties that exist so this poll is complete and well rounded, that is no small feat though. It disturbs me that the BNP are on there yet they have had less local seats than some other parties that are not at all even mentioned. Maybe he who screams loudest and vomits up the most vitriol gets the most attention?


    The Respect Party – More seats taken than the BNP has ever enjoyed with a member in the house of commons. Yet they are not even on the list! I imagine those that wound up in liberal democrats camp would possibly find their home amidst this particular party. As yet they have not revealed themselves to be bare two faced liars. But are a bit of a cult of personality and beset by internal division.

    Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition – If you can get over the word socialist and push images of Stalin out your head a moment. You may find that their disdain of zero hours contracts, workfare that threatens existing jobs and loss of workers rights is high on their agenda as are attempt to take on declining wages and the undermining of current minimum wage laws. They are really a coalition of smaller parties and unionists who have been scrambling to come together and organise into something more cohesive to be an alternative to labour. Who have not been true labour in quite sometime.

    The libertarian party UK – I can't really say much about them, but unsurprisingly they are rather Libertarian, but seem to be fading into obscurity.

    National Health Action Party – I imagine they are painfully disappointed and angry right now. :(. They are a one policy party trying to save the NHS from privatisation.

    Actually this is going to take forever.

    A rather exhaustive list.

    A much simplified list. The downside of wikipedia when it comes down to politics is the constant editing wars.


    Ultimately though the current main lot are near enough all the same. As they all sign up to the doctrine of self serving pasta. With no ramifications what so ever for lying to you about toppings. Your choice is just what sauce you want on it and you still may be served up a different sauce than what you ordered. I hear Bechamel is quite nice, if you don't mind a dead rat or two... Even if much of the country were to come together and demonstrate against the tyranny of pasta. It would make no difference. You have simply caused a breach of the peace, are an extremist, or abusive, or there is no evidence even though there is, but that evidence does not count for some reason as a think tank says so. That has no counter evidence of it's own, but it is a think tank so it should be believed. Also for some reason they wont investigate an issue while simultaneously telling you there is no evidence when they are in the position to get evidence and don't recognise any evidence outside of their own. You really can't win! They even tried to push through the Injunction to Prevent Nuisance or Annoyance, bill. Holy spaghetti monster! I would be enjoying a prison cell if that one passed.

    Should you go all the way up to the high courts and they rule in your favour against your suffering at the hands of force feeding of pasta when allergic. The pasta barons will simply rush through pasta favouring legislation and alter the law so even though you won you actually lost. Makes me wonder what the point of high courts are any more? Or even law for that matter? Should you get cross party support on an issue in regards to the rats in the bechamel that a 123 vote for removal of. Versus 3 who for some reason like rats in bechamel and have financial interests in the ever expanding rat market. The pasta barons may well just turn round and tell you that it is, 'Advisory only.' There is a new bill on the table, The GMO rat pasta merger bill. But it is kept on the quiet and they wait for the wash up process then add it at the end of everything in hopes it will not come to enough attention in time to be amended or stopped.

    You want to know what else is missing in this poll and on our ballot. None of the Above. Even Pakistan has none of the above on their ballot. Should you wish to join the none of the above party you can find it here.


    It is rich of the government to tell people like me we are apathetic and doing a disservice to democracy. When we are busy paying them to not show up and an unpaid intern gets to ignore your letters and emails or print out a party line response with your MPs signature. Councils refuse to see you and your talking points are restricted if you are even seen in the first place.

    Also the amount of spoiled ballots paints a different picture. If a person is willing to go down to the polling station simply to write either something profoundly poetic about the failings of politics or ask such probative questions like, 'What do you actually do for me?' That implies not apathy but intense frustration. Further backed up by the Elvis bus pass party showing up the liberal democrats recently. HAHA. The PCC vote having more spoilt votes than genuine ones and Brands message resonating with the already disenfranchised, even Paxman seemed some what embittered. There are efforts to get the non voters to simply spoil their vote and write None of the Above so they can't be accused of simple apathy. The fact that raving Monster Loony party ever took a council seat is a damning statement against current politics.

    It is utter madness that it all just continues. First past the post condemns us to the same pointless cycle and deeply entrenched corruption. We don't have the luxury of this depth of insanity. When faced with some pretty serious global crises that governments across the world can't haul into secret courts.

    I would get off my soap box but this is the soap box forum. ;)
  10. Øyvind

    Øyvind Senior Member

    I know I'm late to the party but I just had to

    I side with Labour on most political issues.
    Parties you side with...


    on environmental, economic, immigration, foreign policy, and healthcare issues.

    Scottish Nationals

    on environmental, foreign policy, economic, healthcare, and immigration issues.

    Liberal Democrats

    on environmental, foreign policy, transportation, and immigration issues.

    Plaid Cymru

    on environmental, foreign policy, immigration, and healthcare issues.


    on environmental, immigration, healthcare, and transportation issues.

    Wow apparantly I agree with all of them :distracted:
  11. shadowonthewall

    shadowonthewall Well-Known Member

    92% Liberal Democrats. I thought Green Party would be my top, but I matched 89% with them.
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