I Still Have A Long Way To Go

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Godsdrummer, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Godsdrummer

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    Ok...so Monday the um, er, wife tells me that my son is in a recital at his school on Tuesday. He is a 5th grader and he is in a choir. The recital was actually a dress rehearsal for a contest the kids are having this upcoming Saturday.

    So...being the good alcoholic that I am (not able to remember things) I called last night when I got home from work, to my wife's house just to double check on the time.

    I talked to my daughter, and she said that she had some good news for me. She also said she wouldnt tell me over the phone, and that I had to wait until I got to their place.

    Well....my mind IMMEDIATELY starts thinking, could it be possible? Is my wife going to cancel the divorce and try to make this thing work? I reminded myself to dare not let that dream come into my head.

    Yet as I drove over to their house, and then as I sat thru the recital, I kept wondering.

    Yet nobody was talking like that, let alone my wife.

    I didnt want to bring up what the good news was, while I was with them, because IF it was that my wife was wanting to get back together, I wanted to make sure I gave her all the space she needed for that.

    So when I got back home, I waited like an hour, and then called back over there.

    What was the good news? My daughter met a kid that is related to my nephews.

    STUPID!!! My mind...is so stupid. Why in the hell would I think that ONE DAY after we went to divorce court, that she would have changed her mind. Why after 6 months of going thru this crap do I still even care.

    Yep....I still need a lot of work, mentally that is.
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    damn that sucks...
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