i still have my knife

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by SuicidePrincess, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

    i'm 13 and still have my knife out
  2. danni

    danni Chat Buddy

    your so young why would you want to end it?
  3. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

    my parents wont let me talk to laura
  4. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

  5. oscilate

    oscilate Well-Known Member

    hey whats wrong? why wont your parents let you talk to her? feel free to pm me if you need to.
  6. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

    they think she's a bad influence
  7. oscilate

    oscilate Well-Known Member

    why do they think that?
  8. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

    because she taught me how to cut my wrist at school
  9. oscilate

    oscilate Well-Known Member

    That actually happend to me when I was about your age. Freshman year in high school my friend told me that it would make me feel better. It just made me feel worse though, and I realized that she wasnt my friend at all. No friend would want you to be hurt, and I learned that the hard way. A true friend wouldnt want anything bad to happen to you, and wouldn't want you to hurt yourself like that.
  10. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

    i am going to use it in 2 minutes if nobody helps me!
  11. Pioneer

    Pioneer Well-Known Member

    We want to help you. You have to listen to us though. If you liisten then I'm sure we can make you feel at least a better.

    1st Laura is not a good friend. She understands your problems probably because she has similar problems. She isn't helping you solve these problems she's making them worse. Do you really thing that pain will get rid of pain?

    2nd Your parents do love and care for you. Thats why they're keeping you from Laura, she's teaching you how to hurt yourself. They obviously don't want you to hurt yourself and they should talk to you. They're probably scared because you're unstable.

    3rd Your brother loves you too. Thats why he was picking on you. I'm an older brother and picking on my sisters is the most comfortable way of showing affection. Its a guy thing.
  12. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

    laura is my best friend.. she knows what is best for me
  13. Pioneer

    Pioneer Well-Known Member

    Laura knows whats best for you?

    So Laura was the one who held you in her belly for nine months. Shes the one who went through labour for your life. Shes the one who work hard and gave up her freedom to give you food, clothing, and a home. I guess Laura was the one who believed in you and knew you could do anything and be the best you can be huh? Realize who your real best friends are. Right now it isn't Laura.

    You say you're Laura's friend. Do you like to see her in pain? Don't you wanna see her happy? She won't be happy if she's dead, she won't be anything but a memory. If you were her friend then you wouldn't want her to die, you'd want her to be happy, strong, and in control of her life. If she were your best friend then she would want the same for you. However I know your parents want you to be happy, strong, and in control of you life.
  14. Beattles

    Beattles Well-Known Member

    woman, listen to me. she gave you a fucking knife. she told you that your problems would go away the deeper you cut. she is a cutter herself.
    you'd have to be a fuckin idiot not to see why your parents wont let you see her.

    Laura, your "friend" is influencing you to cut yourself! thats why your parents wont let you see her. she sounds like a genuin dip shit who wants to make things WORSE, not BETTER.
  15. mortdesinos

    mortdesinos Well-Known Member

    Listen to the people here, Laura. They are absolutely correct, and they're making an effort to try to help you. But ultimately, you're the one who has to help yourself.
  16. zetaf

    zetaf Well-Known Member

    natural selection itt

    Wanting the attention of being suicidal is not the same as being suicidal. Know what I mean?
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  17. BOLIAO

    BOLIAO Guest

    somehow i kinda agree with what you stated
  18. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    Sweetie, are you still there?
  19. SuicidePrincess

    SuicidePrincess Well-Known Member

    hi it's jade
  20. xXWhateverItTakesXx

    xXWhateverItTakesXx Forum Buddy

    Hey hun, What's going on?

    Hope you are ok xx :hug:
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