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I suck. No joke.

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I suck. Plain and simple. You fail.

All you had to do was be supportive and empathize but you chose to be a bitch. Its all in HOW you said it. There was only apathy in you.

How am i supposed to care when i dont even care about me? Hes going to rehab- whoopdy fckin doo. I feel like dying, you dont see me crying to anyone that will listen. How am i supposed to kill myself if hes in rehab? Thatll make our parents....theyd feel like failures. I cant do anything right.

Must keep up happy front for parents. 1 child in drug rehab is enough, they dont need my bullshit.

Die please now.

total eclipse

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I hope you can hold on im sorry you are suffering so greatly Your parents would be devastated your right keep venting okay it helps hugs
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