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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by meaningless-vessel, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    For many reasons. :unsure: I can't talk about important stuff and focus on trying to help me, I haven't succeeded in being a dad, or a boyfriend, can't seem to hold down a job properly without screwing up in some way, I feel like a failure when I look at all my siblings, married with kids and places and cars/drivers licence, all of them work+partners work. Not to mention having that many friends I can count them all on one hand.

    And I'm just having a real bad time lately that all I want to do is something painful :(
  2. paulhewson

    paulhewson Well-Known Member

    What's going on with the job situation? Driver's licence?
  3. HarleyTwin

    HarleyTwin Staff Alumni

    I don't think you're a failure, nor do I think that just because your life is moving at a different pace than those around you, it makes you any less of a wholesome person. You only fail if you don't try, and you are obviously trying! I've seen you come here and really try to make the most of your situations instead of wallowing in them. That takes courage, and effort to try and keep positive.

    So your family is in a different place to you right now, that's okay. That doesn't mean they're worth more than you, or they're better people, or that you're a failure any more than they're doing well. All things considered, I think you're doing well right now. Sometimes, we just do things at our own pace and others tend to frown because we're not doing it at *their* pace. Block them out. Put your blinders on, like they do on horses and run your race. As long as you run and you strive to get to the finish, it doesn't matter how fast you go.

    :hug: I know deep inside you still know you're an awesome person. And you're not the only one who sees that. Do *you* and do you damn well!
  4. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    I don't see the 'awesome' thing. I can only be me too. Me being the screw up :?
  5. Mayflower7

    Mayflower7 Banned Member

    Hi GisforGullible,
    Please don't be so hard on yourself, different is good. If we were all the same life would be ever so boring. Keep trying with your driving you will get there. Maybe not in the right Job or profession, have a think about which way you want your life to go in.
    I am sure your a great person, unique in your own right. Don't compare to family not that helpful. Fatherhood will come hopefully when the time is right.
    Try distraction therapy for those difficult periods, remember you can and will achieve. We can only do what we are capable off.
    Take care
  6. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    I should have done more with my life though. I've had chances and I've screwed up. That's why I keep feeling like a failure :unsure:
  7. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    Now I can barely speak to my mum or be in the same room as her - I'm just highly snappy and I can't seem to figure out why. I now firmly believe I am screwing up anything I do. Do I really want to keep fighting against my urges?
  8. Finance

    Finance Well-Known Member

    You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Could be mortgaged to their necks and trying hard to keep up appearances. Living their own private, happy faced hell.

    It's hard not to compare situations.
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