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i suppose this goes here?

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hi, i'm new here, i think i started posting something last night but never finished it so i think this is my first post. if it's not, oops, sorry

in case you care, i'm m/18

um, so without trying to sound too depressing or worry anyone (don't worry, i'm quite stable for the moment), i've been suicidally depressed for about 4 years. what's stopped me from doing it is a weird principle i have that states "you are too intelligent to kill yourself", which is basically a 'no' to any thought of that which may enter my mind

i just wanted to ask something. i know these cases aren't talked about with the knowledge of such, but after being in such a shape for a few years, am i likely to break some day and harm someone? at the moment, i've just gotten free from all my negative obligations from the last 4 years, so i am essentially a free person. which is good, nothing is going to be added to that... i just don't trust my sanity a few years down the road

sorry if this didn't make any sense

i hope to offer some insights and such as a frequenting member of this forum in the future... essentially: hi!


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I've had thoughts that maybe I'm a psychopath and it's only a matter of time before I kill someone, I hope not, but there is no help available to help you to prevent it happening, all they will do is lock you up afterwards, that is how the system works. However I suspect the fact that you are worried about it suggests that you won't, so until you stop caring I think you're safe, I suppose however if you ever do stop caring, then you won't care about it, so then we'll all be screwed.

hmm not as helpful a reply as I orginally planned. Welcome however.


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You could spend the next few years worrying about this. Nobody can give you a straight 'yes' or 'no' answer. I guess that you should try and remain optimistic and continue to move forward in life. Sorry if that sounded patronizing..
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