I survived precancerous cells on my cervix

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    I'll post up what I put on my Facebook and I wanted to share with all of you too cause people on here are just as important.

    I know I told a few people about my surgery. This entire time I knew something was wrong with me, don't ask me how I knew but in the pit of my stomach something told me something was wrong with my body. Felt different, I knew something wasn't right. First I thought maybe it could my gallbladder but than I remember I already had that surgery done. So I went to my gyno and she said I had precancerous cells on my cervix. Sorry if I didn't tell anyone about this but I seriously didn't want people to pity me or feel sorry for me. I'm the kind of person that keeps some things inside and I don't tell many people. There's only a few people who I opened up about this. I'm sorry for the ones who I haven't told. At the time it was very hard for me and scary cause I never gotten this type of news before. So I went into surgery and got my cells removed. Got put on medication and had to lay in bed. During this time I was absolutely terrified and felt hoping that it would be gone. Today I went to my Gyno and I got good news back from my doctor. However at the same time when she told me the rating of the cells made not only my mother but me tear up but I didn't cry until I was in the car driving to Walgreen's. It was a stage 3. If it would have gotten to a stage 4 it would have indeed been cancer on my cervix. She told us both that it was perfect timing that I came in or else it would have gotten to stage 4. Apparently I got this from smoking cigarette's and it's been building up over time. Than I quit but that didn't stop it from forming. The cells are now gone and I'm healing up nicely. I go back in 6 months to get checked out and I hope this doesn't return. This put a lot of fear in me and now I'm so thankful that I gave up smoking cigarette's and I won't ever again. There's times where I crave one but I won't ever dare touch one cause of this. I'm done with cigarettes for good!! I'm 32 years old and I have a lot to live for, I don't wanna die, you know? There's so much more I want to do in my life. So many places I want to travel to. I want to play my guitar, I want to surf in the waves at the beach at the Sebastian Inlet and meet more people all around the world. And more importantly and not many people know this but I want to get into acting or become a cinematographer. All my life I've always wanted to act and I love the art of film. Art is very important to me and anytime I watch a movie or film, I admire the art so much. It's so beautiful to me. It may not be your dream, but it's mine. Hopefully also I'd like to be in a horror film, lol! Who knows what will happen to me but I enjoy my life and love my friends so much. I'd do anything for you! That goes for anyone on my Friends list. Seriously, no joke! I love you all and thank you so much for being here for me. My cells are gone but now my sinuses are messing with me. I'm sneezing, congested and have a sinus headache. "I mean, come on!" Oh well I'll get better soon and I think I can live with this.
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    This is an incredible story. You are so brave and strong for getting through such an ordeal, I'm not sure I'd be the same way in your situation. Fantastic news that all is well and that this has given you an extra boost towards your positivity and love for life.
    I'm actually at the age where I've been invited to my first routine smear test (here in the UK the minimum age is 25, which I will be in a few months) and I'm a little concerned. Like you did, I feel as though there is something wrong with my body, though I can't put my finger on it. As well as this, cancer runs pretty heavily within the females in my family, so I'm convinced that I'll have something, too. It's probably the anxiety talking, but I still can't be sure until I have this test. It's a painful wait until I turn 25, because of the stupid rule in this country, but hopefully all will be okay.
    I'd like to thank you for bringing this story here, you've given me a lot of hope and determination, even if that wasn't your intention. You will live a full, happy life. I just know it.
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    Very brave, you give me strength. I will be thinking about you both. What toughness, a will to live, I see in you. :)
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    My sister (31 yrs old) was diagnosed with cervical cancer in Jan and had to have a hysterectomy in February and now requires no further treatment. I hope you are well now and that the future tests will come back negative for pre cancerous cells. You are very brave to share your story here with us and I am glad you did. You are a fighter and a survivor, I wish you good health for the future and am so relieved for you ((hugs)) if you ever want a chat just private message me on my profile.
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