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I Survived

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I can say that I survived.

My last suicide was in December 25th, christmas...

I really wanted to kill myself but I was afraid to do it.

I wanted to kill myself because I'm not white, and my race is inferior.

I never really understand why there is black, brown, yellow or white people.

It's like: light, darknesss...

It's really depressing if you're not yellow or white.


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My last attempt was the day after yours. That's weird to think about. Lots of people attempt suicide around Christmas, especially if they're all alone like I was.

Don't ever think that you're inferior because you're not white. I'm not 100% myself because I'm half cajun and that side's all mixed up. You are just as necessary and worthwhile as any other person, regardless of skin color.

It sounds like you have some serious problems with your self-image. Like I've said to just about everybody, I think you need help. I don't know in what form that help should be exactly, though. I've come to mistrust psychologists. But you should get some sort of counseling about your feeling inferior. Nobody should feel that way.



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take this responce for what its worth to you, as I'm not perfect(obviously) neither is my advice, but race is nothing, people who see race as somthing to judge are insecure about their own self. speeking from experience( my husband is vietnamese and my daughter is half white half vietnamese) race is nothing that should make you feel less of yourself. you should be proud of your heitage. where are "white" people really from anyway? not north america. you need to take your cultural difference and make it something to be proud of!
Well, I am okay now, and thanks alot guys.

I don't have pride for myself. I think pride blinds your eye.
I had pride for myself before; but that made me a careless person. All I did was care about myself and not caring for others.

Because I suffered so much because of this "racial thing," I learned alot from it.

I developed a personality to not look down on people...and it's sad if others look down at me.

Yes...race doesn't really matter.

I see short people get treated in likewise manner in my school; they below the horizon, and the tall majority can't really notice them; so its pretty sad.

I guess there is a purpose for all these differences; and I bet the purpose is to make people....humble themselves and have a caring heart.


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i agree that ones race should not be used to define who they are. Regardless of skin color, we are all people. no one person is better than another. No one race is better than another. no gender is better than another. It is too bad that there have to be those that feel the need to be superior to others and use these things as an excuse.


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Skin colour doesnt matter hun, it depends what you make out of it. Some of my best friends in the US were African American and i had lots of fun with them, being blond myself. Dont feel inferioir, it doesnt matter. Work on your self immage, try to be more outgoing, suicide is not the answer. I hope you can stay strong and i encourage you to make many friends here on SF.
With kind regards,Beret
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