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I thank lockdown cause now I don’t have to have an excuse to not go out lol x


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I love that that even the most social now are like oh it’s actually ok to be at home lol. I’m an advocate for our lives matter and to finally get some understanding that just cause you don’t wanna mingle with unlike minded people that it’s just ok and it’s ok to
Just wanna walk your dog 100 times a day or run in your own 20 miles or shop alone and make sure people are not near us when we try clothes on cause we don’t like crowded places . I’m sad it’s taken so much death and pain for other to see or hear or get us. <mod edit> It’s like the world is forced into seeing our daily challenges and I hope and pray it’s makes people kinder and more more empathetic to those who it’s the norm...
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Well you get to now pick 6 people and if family isn’t one of them then it’s ok right ? X
Let’s not underestimate what It has taken . So many who never wanted to end their lives have lost their lives and thus we have been given a chance to be free and accepted and therefore hope more of us on here don’t take our life and therefore we owe thanks and gratitude for those who have opened the minds of normal
Give us a chance right ?


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love that .. I mean I shouldn’t admit this but I feel this is a safe non judgemental space but I have never been so excited to file my crisps I mean yes I actually colour co ordinated my crisps in a draw ... and it has given me actually feeling of calm and joy all at once . I smile every time I open it .... albeit stop me eating them so don’t ruin the pattern it’s like win win ...
Perfectly said. Nothing wrong with being a social butterfly, but I'll never be able to relate to why people are complaining about how they can't attend parties etc. etc.


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I have enjoyed the working from home, sleeping later, working in my drawers and if I want to drink on the job nobody will know. The only thing is all the days seem the same no difference in many ways between weekend and weekday. I think part of that is working from home, and when I went in, was never just a super heavy work load with how much it automated in both places.

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