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I think I attract grade A stalkers.

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by A_pixie, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Why do I attract persistant stalker-ish people who attempt to ruin things with someone I actually fucking like?!

    I have done NOTHING to give this guy the impression that I like him! I don't deserve this and it's got to the point where no matter how damned rude I am to him he won't leave me in peace!

    I wish Andy would fuck off so much here's all the creepy stuff that's been going on:

    . Everytime I'm talking to Denny that fucking Andy comes over and interupts often saying something "jokingly" smutty to me which I am seriously not comfortable with.

    . He keeps resting his head on my shoulder and I can see where his eyes are going :'( I've actually elbowed him in the face and that was the only thing that put a halt to it.

    . Andy has got on the same bus as me home three times "accidently" now although my bus goes nowhere near the town he lives in.

    . He keeps drawing me pictures that creep me out like my name with bleeding hearts surrounding it "as a joke" I mean what the Hell???!!!

    . Andy keeps trying to get me to drink alcohol during class hours and I don't want to get kicked off but he will not take no for an answer! I keep saying no and after the 20th time he is still saying "go ooonnnnnn" in that annoying voice of his!

    . He tried getting seeing where I lived by getting off at "my road" "accidently" after he "accidently" got on the same bus as me the third time...but I was one step ahead of him and said I was going to my friends house. I HAD TO WALK THE REST OF THE WAY HOME WHILE HE WAITED FOR A FRIGGIN BUS!!!!

    . The things he says about the person I am crushing on are appalling, he keeps threatening to "knock him out" for no damned reason.

    . I told Andy I was going for a walk to clear my head and have some alone time and he ACTUALLY FOLLOWED ME DOWN THE STREET BLABBING AWAY :mad: I told him "You're giving me a fucking headache" (mean I know, but he won't let it be :<) but he still carried on as if not hearing anything! I went for a walk to get away from him and he followed me :'( I told him repeatedly "I want to clear my head by myself" but he only replied "I know you don't mean that!" Then started TALKING ABOUT HIMSELLF!!!!!!!

    . I've known him two weeks and he acts like we're a couple which we never will be.

    . He won't shut up about sex and smut and it disgusts me.

    . I go to the coffee machine HE FOLLOWS ME!

    . He asks me out for a drink I tell him "Sorry I have a crush on someone else" he still asks me a few hours later :mad:

    . He stole my damned mobile phone number from an application for part-time work form I filled out.

    . He eavesdrops on conversations then proceeds to slag off Denny who I defnd to the death verbally which he doesn't like.

    . I went to wash my hands in the toilets and he was waiting outside for me :mad:

    My friend Den has actually had a word with him trying to make him see sense. I've pretended I didn't know Andy liked me for so long to spare his feelings, but instead of taking the hint he's getting worse.

    I've been in denial, but this most certainly is not a case of "ignore it and it will go away"

    He's leaving the course soon but he knows where I go to school, has stolen my phone number and email address from that application form and keeps talking about "popping in" to see us.

    I'm almost crying here I'm starting to hate this person!

    Please help me :'(
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  2. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about you going through this.
    This guy seems jealous and persistent and also seems like he wants the other guy out of the way. I think it's about time you told this guy straight up. If he doesn't like it or doesn't understand or even ignores it then other measures will have to be taken.

    Him slagging of your other friend, is typical jealousy behavior.
  3. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mystic, I forgot to say, the reason I'm worrying so much about tomorrow is because it's his last day and he's acting as if time is running out if that makes sense. He's been just about bearable last week but this week it all went downhill, that's when the following me, the drawing and the slagging off my friend started. I'm not sure how bad it's going to get tomorrow :S

    Oh yeah he's 26 as well so him going for someone as young as me in this way has weirded me out as well! I mean 26 year olds don't typically draw bleeding hearts and follow people unless there is something seriously wrong with them right? :S

    If you told somebody you had your eye on somebody else no offense...that's more than a hint but I don't know, maybe he's a bit dumb (sorry to sound mean I can't think of another way to put it) or he's just ignoring the way I see him completely :S
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  4. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Yeah that makes sense, it's understandable why your very worried about tomorrow and why you have been freaked out as of late.

    Hmmm, well don't let the age thing cloud your view and perception, it's probably his way to be friendly with you.

    It seems like he doesn't want to hear the fact that your eye is on someone else or perhaps he can't truly understand that, some people like that tend to think that if they show you how cool and special they are then your eye will shift on to them.

    How old are you? You don't have to say your exact age but I noticed you said the word "class". I presume your in college or something.
  5. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    I recently joined a college and I'm 21, I still find it odd that he'd go for someone younger than him in this way I mean bleeding hearts are a bit sinister, it's the sort of thing a 13 year old would draw you when he didn't know any better!

    Asking me out for a drink didn't work and I bluntly told him I had my eye on someone else and "only them" but a few hours later he suggested it again. I really don't understand this person!
  6. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    What do your friends think of this situation?

    Does he not hang out with anyone else during college?
  7. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    They're weirded out by it and try to keep me away from him well, more so this week, there is this one COW in there who makes fun of me for it even though it's got to the point where I'm being downright rude to him (ignoring him speaking to me, telling him he's giving me a migrane etc).

    I've told the others he isn't my type at all and they're freaked out by his behavior apart from that obese bully in my college who keeps calling us "lovebirds" furthur adding to this poor dope's confusion :mad:

    One more day...that's the thing, how bad will this one day be and will it stop after that? I'm never picking up a withheld number ever again!
  8. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Hehe well try your best to keep your cool tomorrow. Since it's his last day and what not, I think you should expect some advances from him. If it does get to that level, then I think it's best you be straight with him.
  9. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Believe me I will...I'll have to keep cool like you said I suppose, if I lose my temper he might think I'm just "having a bad day" or something :S
  10. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Well if you lose your temper, it might further make him want to contact you.

    By the way, how long has this been going on for?
  11. The_8th_Wonder

    The_8th_Wonder senior Member

    Well if you feel bad just imagine how he feels. I'm not going to defend him but I will just say this, guy are A LOT different than girls. Guys feel the need to have a girl friend because their reputation at school depends on it sadly enough. The best thing to do is to try and set him up with another girl. If he likes that girl and she likes him he will get out of your way and hopefully they will both be happy, easier said than done though.