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i think i cant do this anymore

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the disgrace humiliation is just overburdening me. i live it every second. even while sleeping i dream of people laughing at me. every day. im tierd of running. i just want to end my life. why is god putting me through such pain ?

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i understand your pain i truly do with support therapy and meds i know i can fight it all now I hope you get help to hun to continue to fight and win okay You can pm me anytime hugs to you


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I am so sorry you're feel like this. I know it often seems hard, but life isn't impossible. Why do you dream of people laughing at you? Maybe running isn't the answer. I don't think you were chosen to be put through this. You might feel better if you let us know what causes you to feel the way you do. You are free to talk to us. We won't judge you. :hug: to you


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Hi Outcaste, welcome back to the forums, what's causing you this humiliation you are feeling?
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