I Think I Might Have Bipolar Disorder....

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by WolfQueen14, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. WolfQueen14

    WolfQueen14 New Member

    Almost all of the symptoms seem to fit me... only two that didn't... I've also had one of my friend online tell me I might be bipolar... she's bipolar, btw... so, that got me a bit curious... I got to wondering, and so, I'm wondering if any of you might know... :unsure: here's the list of symptoms that I go through:

    • Increased physical and mental activity and energy
    • Heightened mood, exaggerated optimism and self-confidence
    • Excessive irritability, aggressive behavior
    • Decreased need for sleep without experiencing fatigue
    • Inflated sense of self-importance
    • Racing speech, racing thoughts, flight of ideas
    • Impulsiveness, poor judgment, distractibility
    • Reckless behavior

    • Prolonged sadness or unexplained crying spells
    • Significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns
    • Irritability, anger, worry, agitation, anxiety
    • Pessimism, indifference
    • Loss of energy, persistent lethargy
    • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness
    • Inability to concentrate, indecisiveness
    • Inability to take pleasure in former interests, social withdrawal
    • Unexplained aches and pains
    • Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

    Also, if this kind of thing isn't welcome in this forum, please let me know, and I'll remove it ASAP.
  2. Tmacster1

    Tmacster1 Well-Known Member

    That's possibly bipolar-ism even though I'm not qualified to say it is or isn't. I definitely have the first bullet with increased physical and mental activity and energy. I don't really know why that is... I do workout a lot and I do actively run - my mind is always racing because of my suicidal thoughts - and mild depression episodes. I don't think you need to remove anything because those are just a list of side affects. You have a valid question though.

  3. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member

    The key missing from your diagnostic information is


    Is it ruining your life? Have you had episodes that have made it all but impossible to work, attend school, maintain relationships?
    You can have all of these symptoms at the level of inconvenient mood swings or full blown episodes leading to hospitalization or worse. In the end it's just a label, and one you don't want attached to you unless your world is crumbling and you don't know what to do.

    When in doubt though, see a doctor. I am not a doctor. But I am a big believer in not fixing what isn't broken.

    Here are some other medical conditions that could be causing symptoms for you:

    •Thyroid disorders
    •Adrenal disorders (Addison's disease or Cushing syndrome)
    •Vitamin B12 deficiency
    •Neurologic disorders such as Huntington's disease, epilepsy, brain tumors, encephalitis, or multiple sclerosis
    •Medications, including corticosteroids and certain drugs used to treat anxiety and Parkinson's disease

    Citation: http://www.umm.edu/patiented/articl...d_bipolar_disorder_000066_7.htm#ixzz1k9X5vKzP
  4. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    If you have most of the symptoms, you might have it...but I think I have a lot of disorders that I may or may not have. The best way to find out for sure is to see a therapist or doctor. They would be able to tell you whether or not you have bipolar or anything else.
  5. Tmacster1

    Tmacster1 Well-Known Member

    Christy is right the best way to know is go to a professional doctor or someone who specializes in mental disorders. Your listed side affects could be contributed to a variety of disorders out there. I wish I could be of more help but I'm just not qualified to say it's a bipolar disorder or not. I do have a Manic Bipolar uncle but his symptoms are a little different. He may have a few that are listed on your list.

  6. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    It's possible, but it also depends on a lot of other factors. Such as how long manic/hypomanic phases last for, how long depression cycles last for, how much of an impact it has had on your life etc. I am currently suspected by my docs of having bipolar disorder and it has had a profound effect on my life so much so I can barely function at times. You must see a doctor for a diagnosis.
  7. Tmacster1

    Tmacster1 Well-Known Member

    Agreed and Agreed. Only a doctor will know for sure - but some of the points listed could be contributed to being a bipolar... But I'm not quite sure - that's why doctors are around because they've studied this. Sometimes seeking a specialist will be better but of course usually your primary care doctor will tell you which one to see. There's lots of specialists out there who know what signs to look for.

  8. AsphyxiateOnWords

    AsphyxiateOnWords If you're 555, then I'm 666.

    I completely agree. It has to be ruining your life in order to be called a disorder. Seeing a doctor would be helpful, yes, but they're only human and sometimes misdiagnose as well. If you see one, you have to make sure that you give him/her every single little bit of information about you, however minor so that they can properly diagnose you.
  9. Sleep

    Sleep Active Member

    I've been referred to a mental health centre for an assessment by a psychiatrist on Wednesday for bipolar disorder.

    My mood swings are becoming unbearable for everyone around me as well as distressing for myself. Last week I started smashing things up in my house, shouting and swearing with threats to my family when they'd gone to bed. I was stone cold sober but felt like I was being possessed by the devil. A lot of tension had been building up inside me for a while. This week I've been a lot calmer. I just want to get myself sorted out. I'm fed up with having some kind of split personality where I can't hold down a job, keep strong relationships going and people thinking I'm on drugs when I'm not owing to my energetic, friendly highs to depressed, withdrawn lows.

    I stopped cutting myself for a few weeks. Maybe I missed that adrenaline buzz and release of tension but I really want to get my moods stabilised. If I have bipolar it wouldn't surprise me at all. :sad:
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