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i think i need help .

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by James11112, May 23, 2012.

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  1. James11112

    James11112 New Member

    Hi. I'm 13 years old ,14 in june . I think i need urgent help . i have on real good friend in secoundary school. he calls me names though as a mess . but sometimes he goes to far by saying "no one likes you". i got in a fight with a guy over facebook. at first i was messing with him but then he starts calling me bad names . he said "you have no friends , no one likes you. you might as well be dead " this made me feel really depressed . i would read a book sometimes just to forget it.
    i sometimes try to actually find a way to kill me . i cant with a gun because . well you know, its a gun. but i would sometimes hold a bread knife up to my heart or throath but i dont want it to be painful.I tried talking to someone but they think im joking , theres people in my school who help other people with this . i never get a chance though. i dont know weather people will be sad or happy if i die . or weather people will just forget about me . there was a guy who aaid he was going to commit suicide but i dont want everyone to know :(
    i think i need urgent help . what should i do? should i just kill myself and get it over with. or should I live life and "enjoy " it .
  2. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Talk to your parents.
    Talk to a teacher or your councilor at school.

    Don't listen to what the other kids say - what do they know? They are your equals, not your betters. Who cares what some bully thinks? Just listen and reply back, "Whatever." Then smile and move on.

    Talk to an adult. In person.
  3. Sent

    Sent Banned Member

    Mayne common don't feel sad
    I know I was suicidal from 16
    Mayne I learned people in world are all dumb, don't let what anything say hurt u
    They say it TO hurt u so just be like w.e

    And mayne if sumone says to hurt u, they feel infeerior to u in someway so to makethemselves feel beter they put u down

    Mayne u got this mayne

    Sorry its so hard now its not ur fault mayne it'll be ok mayne
    Pls mayne u be ok mayne pls feel better mayne
  4. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Listen to what this post had to say
    Another thing if you kill yourself you will devastate so many people as posted before get help and ask for it dont feel ashamed about that .Never let this build do it as soon as possible glad you come here and be free to vent but talk and get help from those you can.Dont let idiot bullies push you around either you do whats right for you.Take care
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