I think I quit my job

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    and I'm shell shocked. I have been having difficulty with a computer program to solve a technical problem. After countless hours and much advise from colleagues I am unable to manipulate the program to solve the problem. So I sent out an email to the boss and the project manager saying that I thought it would be handled better if we got a consultant and I would support them but that I was unable to do the task. Then I left for the day. I think that in fact is quitting as they have fired others who lag in their projects and don't succeed. So tomorrow I will start once again to look for a job. If I don't find one then it comes down to suicide which I don't want to do but I refuse to become homeless.

    My therapist just came back from vacation. I talked to her but she couldn't help me anyways. I am just a failure. I might as well give up.
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    Find out first if the you have indeed lost the job before assuming it's gone.
    If you have, then tbh you are probably better off not working for a firm that doesn't allow honesty.