i think i screwed up yet again

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a few days ago i said something very stupid to a friend and now hes ignoring me i cant even remeber what i said but i know im at fault.the problem i have is that i always end up saying something stupid and people end up hating me for it i really dont go out of my way to screw things up for myself i just always say or do something that makes people think im a complete idiot.i have very few friends now because i dont trust anyone anymore i know how quickly someone can leave your life and im terrified of what little friends i have leaving me.

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If he is ignoring you then he was not a good friend in the first place hun, Try not to be so hard on you okay we all say things we regret later on hugs:hugtackles:
i just wish he would tell me what i said/did wrong because i don't like playing childish games with my friends. he knows how fragile i can be and he must know what hes doing to me i think i should just terminate my friendship with him it would be for the best. thanks :)
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