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I think I was assaulted

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Aged 15, pretty screwed up from an emotionally abusive father - felt unlovable, unattractive. Discovered alcohol would change me, people (men) would be interested in me.

One of them 5 years older waited until I was very drunk, led me away and the next thing I remember was that he was making me perform a sexual act on him - he used to do it every weekend, would wait until I was drunk then lead me away.

For so long I have blamed myself, because I let it happen more than once. But now as an adult I wonder if maybe this wasn't OK for him to do this.


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thats assault for sure. He took advantage of you when he knew you weren't thinking straight. I'm sorry that happened to you, hugs to you. :hugtackles:


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No, it wasn't okay.

I'm not sure what you can do about it at this point… I don't really know much about reporting it to the police.
I guess it's still possible, though.

But the important thing is that you not feel 'screwed up', and make sure you're looking after yourself.
Are you still drinking? Because if you are and you've recognized the problem, it's time to start taking control of your life.

Good luck!
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Thanks for your posts. it is strange I keep spinning it around in my mind, I can't make sense of it yet can remember it all so vividly - it makes me physcially cringe and back away.

No I no longer drink - stopped when I had my kids, didn't want them to witness a drunk mother.

I think it is too long ago to tell the police. But I do carry some guilt around about that too - I wonder if he went on to do this to other girls. It was wrong of him wasn't it?
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