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    I've heard of a sexual orientation called "aromantic" and honestly it sounds like it fits me. If you know your prefixes you can already tell that it mean "not romantic". This obviously seems like a symptom of being depressed, as it implies that you can't love, and all the happy people are looking for love I guess. I'm straying from the topic, but basically I'm scared that I'll be judged (or worse) because of this new, complex answer to the question that so many think is just black and white: "are you straight?"
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    I could answer that! I would Say, Does it matter
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    Everyone loves differently, so does it really matter? I mean as long as your happy with how you feel what other people think about you I don't think is the most important thing. we are what we are if people cant accept you for who you are then they really are not worth your time xx
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    I've never heard of the term aromantic being used to describe sexual orientation but I don't think it really matters.