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I think I'm going crazy

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So tons of people in chat know this, but many people in the forums don't go to chat, so hi.

Anyways I probably won't remember typing this tomorrow, since this is a pattern that's been going on for the past two days now and it's just now starting to irritate me and I feel like I have nowhere to turn but vent it out here.

I lost my short-term memory. I know who I am, I know where I live, I know I'm in 12th grade, but I have no idea what the hell happened all week except for today and I bet all my money I have on me ($2) that I won't remember what I did today. My therapist suggested writing down what I do at intervals of the day so I can look back at it and remember, but god I feel weird.

I feel like I'm in that movie "The Hangover" where everyone gets drunk and have no idea what they did the night before. Except I did no drugs/alcohol and didn't spend all my money in Vegas.

I'm so irritated. I have to figure out how to get caught up in school, as well as figure out where some of my papers went (probably at school but I have no idea wtf I did with them or talked to the teacher about bla bla bla), and get my mind sorted out. If this gets any worse I'm seeing a neurologist or something. God. I feel like my health is only getting worse and worse as I speak.

Rant over. I'm going to make spaghetti at 12am. Any suggestions would be cool but I just wanted to "let it all out" like the sub-forum implies. :mhmm:

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This was happening to someone i know and it was the medication she was on that was causing the short term memory loss so her meds had to be changed.
Have you started any new medication for mental health if you have talk to your pdoc soon okay let know what is happening so your med can be changed


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the only new med ive been on was the one i was put on in the hospital sept 19th so i've been on it for a while now and i had no bad effects but sleepyness. i'm going to be looking it up on the pi chart and see if it has any memory loss side effects. thanks for the suggestion, i really really do appreciate it.


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Please talk to your physician about this. I can think of several conditions that can account for memory loss, and if there is a medical cause, it should be identified and treated.


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Looking back at this, I don't remember making this thread. Which I suppose means that I have day 2 of no memory. I made a email to myself last night telling me that I made a private diary with everything I did and made this one, did my laundry, painted my wall, and I have evidence to prove I did it, but its just so, so weird.

My mom's calling my nurse practitioner, I spoke with the nurse today at school and talked with my teachers to get their words on what happened on Tuesday and I guess I didn't go to school yesterday, and I'm going to either go to urgent care or the ER depending on what my NP says.

This is a mad, mad world.
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