I think im stupid. I don't really know how to cope

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    i get anxious alot. today i met with a girl from spain for a language exchange thing. i got really nervous and said something weird when we were in a coffee shop and hse just looked at me like i was weird... like idk. i thougth she'd be more understanding. when she did that the waitress who was coming decided to take her side i guess and joined in on giving me a weird look. i wish she wouldnt do that. its not even her business. then when we paid she asked if we were paying separately.. and she only llooked at hte spanish girl. i mean we both said we'd pay separately but the waitress didint look at me. ti was the same one that served us.

    also i ordered a soup of the day, and she gave me the soup in a cup! who does that?!?! im pretty sure thats not the soup u get if u order soup :( gaaaaah next time im getting a sandwich. jesus. even the spanish girl thought it was weird.oh i dont know. i mean im fluent in english so obvs the waitress understood wrong. i didnt complain about it but i just said to the girl that i thought it would be in a cup. i think thats ok. i got some looks but i mean come onnn i can say what im thinking i wasnt complaining. i dont know :( the soup was a whole lot cheaper tha

    also when i started practising speaking in spanishthe girl got really upset. i dont know why... i dont think i did anything wrong... i mean it was a language exhcange we spent most of it talking in english and yeh it was fun bu ti also want to get better in spanish :( idk. i was practising! for less than 20 mins. i mena come onnn what do u expect if its a languge exhcange :( gah idk so confusd. i dont undrstand anything i dont understsand why all those things ahppened today or that barista treated me differently and that spanish girl. i dont know im so confused and i dont know why im so miserable over just one day
    gah idk
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    Hey BubbleBear :) I don't think you're stupid, sounds like you do the same thing I do, over analys everything. I replay situations like that and end up having a conversation in my head about what happened, what I should've done/said......ugh!!! Drive myself crazy. I guess I'd have gotten a little put off if a waitress had involved herself in a coversation too. But no.....you're not stupid :) take care
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    We all do weird things so welcome to the club. We've been waiting for you to arrive.

    Language can bring a lot of weird looks as processing unfamiliar linguistics can take time.

    Keep practicing your Spanish with her and forget the looks you think have meaning.

    I never order soup. So I agree, go with a sandwich next time
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    ah no when she gave me the weird look i was speaking english :/ yep sandwich is the way to go! jesus
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    thank u brian <3 xx