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this time, i'm pretty much serious. I have the pills, don't know if it's enough to kill me though, i'll have to find out i guess. If nothing goes right this week, then by friday or saturday, i will have gone away, far from the pain, the critism, everything. I know i have people that love me and care for me, but they just don't know the pain that i'm going through right now. I am so afraid of living another day, feeling invisible again, knowing that i can't go out in public without thinking that people are looking @ me and laughing inside. I die inside everyday and i don't want to have to go through that anymore, i just can't. I'm sorry to all of you for hurting you and for not helping as much as i could've. I will be away for a while, so i can think, but please know that i care about you all very much!!!!! :hug:
Hun, please don't take the pills, we all want you to be safe. So im pleading with you not to take them. We all care about you and don't wanna lose you so please dont take them.
Hun, please keep trying to hang in there. We have come through many things in the year we have been talking. Please hold on. Talk to me on MSN or chat, anywhere. Let's see if we can work our way through this. I want you to stay safe. You are a wonderful person and a good friend. I care about what happens to you. :hug: Let's talk hun.


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I think its time to LIVE. Its time to choose life. I don't think its time for you to go away. In fact, I know its not time for you to go away. You have your entire life in front of you.

I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain. But, here's what I know to be true....this pain that you're currently experiencing is not a "life sentence"...it is temporary. It will subside eventually. I know you want the pain to end. And, I tell you that if you will hold on and get some support...the pain will go away. It will. I was where you are 10 years ago. I was consumed with pain, thoughts of ending my life..night and day. i hated waking up every day. i was tired of being misunderstood. i was tired of feeling rejected and not respected. i wanted to end my pain. i made an unsuccessful attempt to end my life. And thank God I was not successful. 8 years later, I wake up every day and say I'm alive. I'm glad I'm alive. The urge to end my life went away.

I know if you will just hold on, things will get better for you. You need support. This is a great place. But, i wonder if you can find additional support. You are not alone. You need to ask for help/support. We are here to support you. And we would be deeply hurt and terribly sad if you were to "go away".... and so would your family and friends.

You were created for a very unique purpose and destiny. Don't abort your purpose/destiny. Find out what it is! And, fulfill it! some people may laugh, some may criticize you....but you have to know WHO YOU ARE and WHERE YOU'RE GOING! Those kind of people aren't the people you're supposed to walk this journey with. You have something very unique to give the world. Find out what your gift is....and give it away. In return, you will begin to find happiness, love, meaningful fulfillment, LIFE, joy, inward peace....That's the kind of life YOU CAN HAVE.

God bless
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