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I think its time

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the fight is too much, can't take any medications, allergic to them all
every day, day in , day out is a struggle, now I am tired and theres
no use.

Will love always elude me?
Am I doomed to always weep?
If this is all there is to life,
Then all of it you can keep.

I’m tired of thinking positive,
Of keeping up the fight.
I’m tired of always trying hard,
When things just don’t go right.

I’m tired of continuing to pretend,
That I’m all tough and stout.
I’m tired of trying to recall,
What happiness is all about.

Time after time, I ask myself,
Why should I even try?
For every time I say hello,
I always hear good-bye.

It’s almost time to write the final page,
To pen the final rhyme.
My ragged story should end tonight,
Oh yes, I think it’s time.
hey there

meds are a good first option when you are feeling suicidal. when meds don't work, there are still other options.

Have you tried a bunch of meds? Sometimes it's worth trying other kinds

a half-hour of gentle, low-impact exercise every day can help. just enough to barely break a sweat. I think that there was a study that showed that this was as effective as the drug "zoloft"

meditation and dietary changes can help.

acupuncture and chinese medicine can help

I've been trying a home remedy method using an incense called "aloeswood". I think that you have to have the right variety though. seems ok so far


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Hi, I agree with May71, when medication doesn't work, there's many other options available. Exercise, herbal remedies,hypnotherapy, CBT, counselling, don't give up .. you will get there. :hug:
it is not time.

depression clouds everything and paints it black.

i have had many friends who went through this, and myself too actually, and at that point everything is just hopeless and pointless.

but that is a skewed view. these people and me are relatively happy now, so enduring is what needs to be done.

i know it's terribly difficult, but i just hope you'll talk to someone. my door is open.

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