i think many of us can relate to this

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    i didnt write this poem
    my friend sent it to me
    not sure who the author is
    but i can relate to it

    I push away
    but i ache to be held
    I want to run
    and i fear being lost
    I need to be fixed
    but I can't find where I'm broken
    I long to be alone
    and I can't stand the loneliness
    I'm starving from an everlasting hunger
    but I don't want to eat
    I'm thirsty for love
    and I can't lift the cup to drink
    I wish for a quick death
    but look for a good reason to live
    I want to talk
    and I lost my words
    I want to fly away
    but I broke off my wings
    I want to hear it all
    and I scream until my ears ring
    I want to feel happiness
    but I live in the sorrow
    I live inside yesterday
    and pray for tomorrow
    I want to sing
    but there's a stick in my throat
    I'm freezing cold
    and I can't find my coat
    I wish I could sleep
    but I stay here awake
    I don't want for anything
    and I ask for the whole damn cake
    I roar like a lion
    but I fight like a lamb
    I don't understand a damn thing
    And that's all that I am
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.