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I Think My Suicidal Feelings Are Sneaking Out

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So I am sitting here waiting for a meal before I attempt a 4 hour drive to my college town to buy a new 3DS. I have been checking the weather all day. Watching the road conditions go from tolerable to unsafe. I know my tires suck... yet I am still going to make the drive in the dark. Despite all my progress I think my suicidal feelings are still here... oh well lets hope I survive.


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I wish you would postpone the trip FM...sounds very dangerous and I worry for you..
what if you have an accident but don't die and are worse off?



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Do not worry all, I decided that if going over Kenosha pass, a pretty tame mountain pass, was scary then going over Monarch pass would be down right dangerous. So I turned around and came home.

IV2010, I had your exact thought when I started to see the really wet dangerous snow, that my tires cannot handle. If I had better tires I would have been able to finish the journey.

Oh well, 3.5 hours till Target opens. I will see if I can get a 3DS here near my place. There were not midnight launch parties so I am hopeful.

:mhmm: I am safely home right now.


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so glad you didn't make that trip..Whew!!!!!
don't understand the last post..did you get what you were after??:hugtackles:


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@Kali: I guess so... Sadeyes was the last to edit my post so....

@IV2010: I think my crappy camera and the fact that I covered a chunk of my face kept Kali from turning into stone... maybe... I am not sure...

@Chargette: The short version, it is the new Nintendo Portable Video Game System. Its main feature is that if has 3D, like in 3D Movies, graphics without the use of pesky glasses.


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Awww, if anything melt my heart *hug* certainly not turn to stone

There was enough of your beautiful face there, to see that handsome fellow behind the 3DS Box :hug:

Careful or you'll have all those hot chicks chasing after you!
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