I think people think I'm literally crazy

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    I was standing at the bus stop last night, and I was there by myself, and was singing to myself, because I felt like it. And I was jammin'. No iPod, no nothing. Just me snapping my fingers and singing and tapping my feet and stomping and doing air guitar. And then the bus came, and I was still doing my air guitar thing sitting down. I was just jamming away, and the guy sitting next to me just got up and moved. I thought it was funny. Even when I got off the bus, I was still rockin'. Got in the house, turned on the CD, rocked some more, jammed out.

    So, that's all.
  2. Petal

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    :laugh: That sounds fun,at least you have the confidence for it :D :hug:
  3. yorkie bar

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    Excelllent! People in the normal world have no sense of humour, I would have joined in! hahahahahaha

    Thankyou for making me laugh lol

  4. total eclipse

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    I whistle sing all time and it really surprises people as they say they do not see that much anymore. I say it keeps me sane it really does. Glad i am not the only one but i know my songs are much older than yours ha ha