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I think I probably have an eating disorder.
It's not super severe,
nothing like full-blown bulimia or anorexia,
but I track my calories,
and typically consume less than 800 calories a day,
sometimes even as high as 1200,
but if I do have more than 800, I throw it up.
Sometimes I even throw it up if I haven't had more.
The throw up doesn't happen everyday though.
I've been losing weight, which was my goal,
I've been exercising more too to lose it...
I've also been taking dandelion root pills,
which is a natural weight loss aid.
It's really hard to admit this, but...
I need help.
I've tried to not throw up and eat right, but doing all this is addicting.
I don't want it to develope into something bigger,
but I'm afraid it might
What should I do?

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Yes i think you do have a problem it is call bulemia Call your doctor okay see what therapy you can get to help you and some meds as well Don't leave it until you damage your esophagus and stomach with ulcers get help now.


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well done for coming here and sharing, admitting to a problem takes great courage.

i agree, you need to get help now, before things get really bad. (hugs)


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Yeah, I guess I do need help...
the other day I coughted up some blood and my throat was hurting,
I think I broke a blood vessel or something.
It's better now, since I managed to not throw up the past few days-
even though I've mad eup for that by eating less than 500 calories a day.
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