I thought I was going to lose my arm, so I called 911...

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  1. thepainwithin

    thepainwithin Well-Known Member

    ... and they showed up just tried to arrest me.

    I was icing and ice was in direct contact with my fingers, and I realized I had held the ice for too long, I got up and my finger tips were really numb. So I decided to get into the shower to run some water on it warm it up. The vein at the end of my thumb went blue and in and instance it swelled up, the pain shot down my arm, tightened all my arm muscles and made my veins really "tight" I guess, in that it took a lot more work to make a fist on my right hand than it did on my left.

    So in my panic of literally thinking I was about to never going to be able to use my hand again, I jumped out of the shower and called 911... The operator asked if I was on any drugs because I sounded panicked.

    So here I am, thinking an ambulance is going to pick me up... I was outside of my apartment and towards the main road so I can meet them faster. I get into the ambulance, they started taking my blood pressure, looking at my arm, questioning me and about my prescriptions. Then they said "Ok we need you to step on these gentlemen want to ask you a few questions".

    I step out of the ambulance in 8 (eight, EIGHT) police officers all trying to talk at once. 1 shining a flashlight in my eyes, one trying to instruct me on how to look into the flash light (giving me a field sobriety test). Others were saying how pissed they were that ONE cop missed me sitting on the curb and he drove to my apartment. Finally one started talking to me and he said "Now don't you see how we're all a little bit suspicious that you didn't stay in your apartment and let us come into your room (and search because the operator told you I was drugs)"

    No... I told him it really didn't make sense. I was in a panic, honestly concerned for my health, and they're more worried that I didn't let them search my apartment for drugs. They kept finding reasons to make me stay there so they could keep talking to me. They'd come at me 1 at a time, ask me how it happened, tell me my story didn't make sense "what only a few minutes holding the ice? see I've held ice for 15-20 minutes and nothing has happened so you can kinda see my suspicion".... One told me to go home and go to bed. I was about to. Then another cop came up to me. I asked if my vein would ever be ok. And he said "why don't you step on over the ambulance and we can give you a finger prick and then we can see if your hand will be ok from the blood".

    So I walk over the ambulance, say I don't want to give any blood, the EMS guy tries to grab my finger, and he says, literally right after they told me to give blood, and I quote "No man, you don't give any blood, you just... boom... and it's done".

    I FUCKING CALLED THEM FOR HELP. I WAS IN FEAR AND THEY TREATED ME LIKE A DRUG ADDICT. They tried to give me a field sobriety test, a finger prick, tried to get me to consent to a search of my apartment.... DID I MENTION I CALLED THEM!!! AND I WASN'T EVEN FUCKING DRIVING!!!

    I pulled my sleeve up to show them.... boom, 4 flash lights up and down my arm immediately looking for track marks. Half of those said they could see the swelling, the other half said "I'm no medical professional (clearly) but I don't see any swelling" EVEN THOUGH THE GUY NEXT TO YOU JUST SAID HE DID AND THE EMS DRIVER SAID MY HAND WAS EXTREMELY COLD!!!!!!!!

    Fuck the police. I hate them hate them hate. NEXT TIME IM GOING TO FUCKING CALL A CRACK DEALER. Someone who's only "help" won't be to arrest me. Hell, he'd probably give me a ride for $20 instead of trying to scare me out of a ride telling me how pissed he was, how pissed everyone is at me (all the cops).
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  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Is there a way to make a complaint about this? This is truly awful...even if you had taken drugs, that does not relieve their obligation to get you medical help, in fact, it makes it more critical. I am so sorry you went through this...this is just not right
  3. thepainwithin

    thepainwithin Well-Known Member

    It won't matter. When the police police the police, there is nothing they can ever do wrong.
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