I thought she was different but I was wrong

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    A few weeks ago i met this girl, she's the older sister of a girl i recently used to like alot so i had my doubts at first. But you only live once, and i was interested in her. So i met her, i have been taking some advice from a dating site so i've been working hard trying to talk to other girls just so i can raise my confidence level to talk to her. This was very hard, when i saw her in the halls even though i was nervous i made the effort to talk to her. Well girls i went for in the past all ended up avoding me, i thought she would be different. But she wasn't, i asked for her number and she gave me some excuse that translates as no. Everyday after that she started avoiding me, 1 time i saw her and her friend literally running out of a lunchroom because i was in there. Today she saw me in the library her and her friend laugh and makes a oh no expression. Then she hides from me again as im passing by, im trying to avoid her but she just keeps finding me and hurting me and it really does hurt. It hurts to know i was wrong, after putting in so much effort this is what i get in return. This is why i was so nervous around her because i feared this would happen but i just told myself i was just making excuses. She just adds on to the list of other girls. They get to be happy and fall in love and make fun off me and its somehow fair. She has no right to treat me like a monster, after i made the effort to talk to her and change me fearful ways, i was probably 1 of the few guys to talk to her in a while hearing she was single for so long and this is what i get back in return. I just don't think this whole talking to girls thing is working for me, maybe 1 day after talking with a girl i'll just randomly kiss her and see her response, all or nothing. Whats the point of getting over a fear when its real. But still i feel i can't go on. I thought if I was brave and i actually put in the effort to make things better things would be different but things just stayed the same. Girls still avoid me, im still single, and they still live on being happy.
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    Theres good ones, and bad ones. I've made the same mistakes. I've liked girls who looked like they wouldn't squish a bug, but then I've talked to them and they're pretty mean. Can't just a book by it's cover.....

    Try to ask some other girls out, maybe even... *wink wink* in front of her, so she'll probably think you really don't care about her, or at the least, got over her by now. Next time they laugh at you, walk up to someone, point in their direction, and start laughing. That'll make her down right paranoid! :laugh:

    Try not to take it so personal, I know what it's like to be in love with someone and be hurt....what I'm saying is, if you like someone, tell them, if they say no, then it really wasn't worth it. If they don't like you, forget them. They aren't worth the tears.
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    twilightki is right, dont take it personal...people can be outright damn mean when it comes to dating, theyve moved on and they really arent worth your suffering.

    although it hurts to be rejected, and feeling alone can be unbearable at times, keep trying, the more times you try, the closer youll be to that nice girl.

    maybe try to see these rejections as a learning experience, youll begin to recognise certain behaviours and nuances, and take this to your advantage..

    twilightki, i do like the punch of paranoia, although not all, so many girls are so easily paranoid, so self consicous......use it man
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    it is difficult to work out who's good and not so good sometimes, hey.

    and not everything that dating sites or books say is necessarily right, I once got a book by Leil Lowndes which I now consider bollocks .. although some stuff I'm sure is .. other than books and stuff, experience is the best way to find things out..

    don't give too much of an impression straightaway that you like someone either, especially if you're shy. Far better to try and build a friendship first. And don't make the mistake of having a massive crush on someone and making them the one target of your affections, keep your options open a bit..
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