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    Hey I have quite a few friends but I'm not always able to talk to them. I do love this forum but sometimes it's nice to talk person to person. Anyway,one of my friends (who lives quite a way from me, i do know her in person though) I thought I could trust and talk to about but Im not so sure anymore. I asked her to talk tonight and I was a bit drunk, but only tipsy. She told me to go home and then we'd talk, so I went home. I asked her if we could talk again and she still said no. I am at the point of of overdosing, I have the pills but I kinda wanted someone (e.g. her) to say that my life was worth it if you get me , but instead she just said I couldn't talk to her and should go to sleep instead, which is not what I need right now. She said earlier we could talk and now she said no. (This convo was a bit earlier, so it wasnt even proper nightime, so she cant use being tired as an excuse). I thought I could trust her but dunno what to do now. She's the only person I would want to talk to.
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    Hey, sorry to hear about your friend treating you badly, she doesn't seem like she was to well her self. Did you ask about her at all? Sometimes friend can become trigged by what we say so it could ve very hard for you friend to speak out, your not worthless, please talk to us maybe ask her why as if your both good friends you should be able to confide in everything together take care :hug: x
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    Well I didnt say anything specific, so I dont think it could have triggered anything in her
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    You know what you should tell yourself that your life is worth it you should be the one who is going to keep yourself from overdosing. Life is bigger than that just to end it all with a bunch of pills. Please think harder about what you're about to do. She is not really your friend if she won't help you through the tough time that you're going through. Move on from her she is not worth your breath you need more supportive friends than her