I treid to warn you *trigger maybe??*

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  1. Gracefully tears run down my face
    But you won’t even think to look
    Two feet away, you don’t notice
    Eyes on the screen, nose in a book

    My feelings are rolling out into the open
    But there is no-one there to listen
    Silently I lay there on the bed
    My arm bright red, my face a glisten

    If I had the guts I’d do it right here
    Just to see if you’ll turn around
    But as I suspect you just give me your back
    Leaving me, bleeding, on the ground

    The rhythm of my heart starts to slow
    And my thoughts turn to a pleasant memory
    Everyone happy, laughing with joy,
    you looked into my eyes, and you could see

    back in the room again, angry and sad
    you’re still sitting there staring into nothing
    this time I told you, showed you
    but once again you thought I was bluffing

    feeling my life creeping away, slowly
    seeing my soul leaving without a sound
    I want to scream out at you for not realising
    what is happening in your background

    “Please wake up!!” How did this happen?
    You start shaking me up and down
    I come to my senses for a few seconds
    The last thing I’ll ever see is your frown

    You were too late, and I tried to warn you
    That someday this moment would come
    The day that I had had enough pain
    And I would kill myself instead of run
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    Loved it!

    Loved it, you have the magic. Here's my version, notice the timing:

    Grateful tears

    Gracefully tears run down face,
    Yet you won’t think to look.
    Two feet 'yond, you notice not
    Eyes screened, nose in a book.

    My feelings roll in open plains,
    But there's no-one to hear.
    Silently I lay on bed,
    Red arms, my mask of tears.

    If I had strength I’d do it here.
    Maybe you’d turn around.
    But I suspect you'd give your back,
    Leave me to bleed on ground.

    Rhythm of hearts starts to slow.
    Thoughts twist kind memories.
    All bright, laughin' with joy, sweet smiles.
    In my eyes you could see.

    In den again, angry and sad,
    You’re sitting there in space.
    This time I told you, showed you black,
    Yet once again 'twas waste'.

    My life it creeps, in shadows bloom.
    My soul leaves without sound.
    I want to scream at you! You're blind.
    What dark in your background?

    “Please wake up!!” How did this chance?
    You're shaking me afraid.
    I come to senses for a few.
    The last thing seen is shade.

    You were too late, I tried to warn
    That someday this would come.
    The day that I had enough pain,
    Would kill myself...

    Not run. ​
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