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I tried and I failed.

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All I got was a day feeling sick in the toilet. The XXXXXX didn't work :(
I never thought I'd say this but I really wish I had XXXXXXXXX
I feel worse than shit and I just kind of gave up trying to get better. life is sooo not for me :( :(
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Now is the time then to sign yourself in hospital and get the help support you deserve okay Time to start healing hun reach out call crisis line or emergency and go and get the help you need.


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Life is difficult sometimes, no arguing that.

But sometimes we need help. I found that professional help is really valuable.

Have you considered therapy and/or a psychiatrist, to help you find your way through? If you have, can you call either/or now and let them know how you are feeling? If not, a call to a crisis line to get help would be good. Even a trip to emergency room, you life is worth the effort to save.

I hope you can find it within yourself to reach out for help.

We are here to support you.
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