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I tried so hard

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Its been monthes since I posted anything. I was starting to get back to normal. I still miss my sister everyday but I was starting to except that she was gone. But my Step dad had another alcoholic episode tonight. Im so tired of watching my mom cry over that ass hole. And Im afraid that everything will slip back to what it once was. Ive noticed the emptiness returning. The feeling of hatred towards myself and others. I just dont want it to happen again. I looked down the barrel of a gun once and I dont want to again. This time I might just pull the trigger.


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Well done for coming back if you feel that you need the support.We are always here and im glad you remembered us.im sorry youve had a triggering evening it sounds.i may be useless but i just wanted to say i read and heard and am here if you want to talk some more either now or anytime.i am always here to listen when i can be.

Take care
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