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I tried

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I've tried suicide a few times, then found it wasn't right. I was taking away from my family, and all my other loved ones. Only one thing really kept me alive, though, my girlfriend. She's really usually the only one there. My mother has heard of me being suicidal, all she does is shrug and get me a counseler, my dad tells me he'll just send me to an instution. But, my girlfriend is really the only one that gets me out of that certainty that I am going to die. She was there when I cut a vein, and I found a way to stop the bleeding. She was there when I nearly jumped off a bridge...and held me from the edge. My first attempt was stopped, simply by knowing she was there to care about me.


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im glad that you two really love eachother... maby someday ill find a love like that... i actually think ill be alone forever.... but im still to much of a wuss to kill my self...maby ill just go piss off a gang member or somthing...


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You are a lucky guy. She is a keeper. I with my ex would have cared that much about me. she found it easier to dump me instead if i couldn't think of anything but death.
hey, my boyfriend was like that, now he's in jail and I can't live without him.
But I'm so glad you've got someone like that in your life, its great to have someone who cares so much isn't it? :)


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Same here Shattered---she keeps me from faltering for the moment--just fear disappointing her....

Keep holding on to her taking a moment at a time..........

if you ever need a common ear--let me know
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