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I Truely Am Sorry

  • Thread starter 3rd Febuary 2007
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3rd Febuary 2007

I don't want this under my real name because i don't need to talk from certain people on here. But i can't handlr being hurt like this, this is one kind of hurt i never thought i'd have to go through and i am.

I wanna say sorry for this. I really am. Im gonna go get the things i need. Strong pills and some vodka, its not like i havn't done the pills before. Written a ;etter to my mum, explains about this place. She knows about a few people here because you've made a positive impact that i have talked about you. Some i actually got in to trouble for talking to because you live in another country. But it apparently saved you from doing something so it was worth it. Im gonna take care of that before the days out. Can't leave her with money problems. She can decided what to do with the letter.

Im sorry, i really am. I did this under here so it wasn't under my name but yet i can still say sorry for these actions. I don't wanna be the cause of anyone else's death so its best if you never know who this is. Im sorry.


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Im not certain who this is, but please, please reconsider your decision. You have an entire future ahead of you. Please talk to us :sad:

3rd Febuary 2007

Whats it matter, the recent events have just pushed me to the edge. Even if what i think might happen doesn't i can't deal with this shit anymore. Guess im done. Fuck it. Im off to buy the stuff i need.

Cya in the after life.

To the people here that know me well. Im sorry and i love you, i really do. I can't take the pain from other people here. Wether im on this site or not its not gonna make a difference the pain is in my life every minute of the day and i've had enough. People tell me things and now its just been prove to be bullshit, they don't give a shit, we obviously aint their 'best friends' on this site. FUCK IT!!!


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I know exactly who this is and OH HUN :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

You have me msn, email and skype, please don't do it!!!!

3rd Febuary 2007

Terry im sorry. and blubs i read your post i tried to make out like it wasn't me obviously you all know me better than i thought. I can't even be bother to log in, thats why im doing it under guest.

Right now i aint got the energy to do anything
Forget what I said, I never make sence anyway. I really can understand why you want to post anonymous. You're not the only one. And I have to say, I wasnt sure who you were. Its ok hun, we all just wanna try to help you. We care about you :hug:
But i want to know, did you buy it or not :unsure: ?? If you did, please dont do it, throw it away, give it to someone else, I dunno. If you want makes-no-sence-advice Im here >.< :hug:
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