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I truly hate people.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by gag, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    I hate how no one can mind their own fucking business, it drives me nuts.

    Last night I was at my buddies house, I was there for at tops a half hour, anyways me and some guys were having beers, I had 6 beer, wasn't close to drunk, shit I wasn't even buzzed.

    And my buddies neighbor, some nosey bitch who's constantly spying on us whenever we go over there called the police saying drunken girls were wandering all over the property (we didn't have any girls there, it was a total sausage fest consisting of 5 guys), and that we had loud music playing all night (we weren't playing music, and we were there less than an hour), she also said we were on the step drinking and screaming and fighting (no one screamed, or fought, or drank (on the step anyways), me and two other guys smoked a joint on the back step, and we noticed she was spying on us through we window, but for all she knew it was a cigarette.

    So the cops shown up there, 7 cops came, they had two or three cars, AND the wagon.

    They barged in thinking it was going to be some massive party, and they found 4 guys playing Marioparty in a basement, while one guy was puking in a toilet, they hit the jackpot here, criminals at work!

    Anyways, for that they fined me and my buddy (we were the two most sober people in the house), and let the other 4 guys off the hook (even the guy who was puking), so they fined me 450 dollars (they fined me $450 a month ago for the same charge too), and then they drove me down to lockup.

    My defense to the cop was "Why are you charging me? I'm not hurting anyone." and his response was "Oh?! Well I think you're hurting his neighbor."
    Which is ridiculous, if this lady actually takes offense to someone a year under par having a couple beer in a house next to hers, she needs a fucking reality check, big time.

    And so I continued on talking to the cops, one of them I know because he fined me before, another cop there claimed to have met me "several" times, I've never even seen this guy until last night, and he was giving me dirty looks and everything, as if he and I had a long dark history or something.

    Then the cops searched the house for girls, because they were convinced we had women hidden away in the closests or something, like we're running a fucking brothel.

    Then when I said to one of the cops that it must feel good making a difference in society, serving and protecting the people by slapping some hooligans with fines, he and a couple other cops went on a big schpeal about how they have to deal with dead bodies and murderers, and then they went on a list of all the dangerous criminals they've arrested recently. Then one of them got pissed about how I claimed all they do is arrest people for drinking underaged (and that's not even close to what I said, he took my words and threw 'em in a blender)

    But what pissed me off the most was, apparently they responded last night because they've gotten DOZENS of calls from this lady about us drinking, and everytime she has the same story, lots of drunk women and loud music.

    My buddy doesn't own a stereo, so there is no music, and unfortunatley me and my friends arn't Motley Crue, we don't have a large group of drunk women following us around at all times.

    We don't make noise or bother anyone, so why would this nosey bitch have to pull this kind of stuff on us? Even worse, I'm in the army and can lose my job (which I plan on making my career out of) over this silly little fine.

    And if that happens, I'm going to totally lose it, I'm not sure what I'll do, but I'm really considering suicide, and I most definatley have to get some payback on that lady. (Nothing physically harming if that's what you think)

    I hope rabid dogs maul her to death slowly, starting at the ankles and working up.

    And I'm not just saying that because she got me fined, I'd say the same if she done it to someone else, people like her are the reason this planet sucks.

    Angry fun hating fucking prudes with nothing better to do with their time than bother other people, it shouldn't be a hard thing for people to mind their own business.

    There are so many shit disturbers out there that don't just mind their own business, it drives me absoloutley nuts. Shit disturbing people who are pompous enough to think they have the right to judge others.

    Like cops, they think they have the right to take away a persons freedom, why? Because they've got a goofy looking suit, a tin foil badge, and 2 years education at a community college?

    I really think it would be great if people revolted against the law, and the prudes who support it, and just lock them all in cages to rot, it's what they deserve, to be treated like shit by people they don't even know for reasons that should concern no one but themselves. Eye for an eye. That would be some nice fucking justice.
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    tell the neighbour to politely f*ck off:biggrin:
  3. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    And to make things worse, my mother plans on telling ym grandmother this.
    And if she does then that is it, I'm writing my mother off the charts and having nothing to do with her.

    She says she has to tell her because "it's the right thing to do", she told her the last time I got charged, knowing my grandmother would pay the fine, so my poor old grandmother paid the fine (and she doesn't have that kind of money), and she spent the whole weeks crying over me getting in trouble with the police.

    So now my mother wants to call and tell her I got fined again, which is just sick.

    My grandmother is old and has cancer, as mean is it is to say there's a good chance her days are numbered, and I dont want her to spend her last days crying and worrying that her only grandson is an alcolhic who's going to end up in prison. And I know right now that's how she'll see it.

    And maybe I am an alcoholic, but what good does it do to tell that to my sick and elderly grandmother?

    And my mom tells me I should be ashamed for putting my grandmother through this, how sadistic of her is that?
  4. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Please cut out the drinking because it would be a waste to have someone as insightful as you are unable to use your skills...you are an excellent writer and a seemingly wise person...why not plan a course (uni...grad degree) that will allow you to benefit from these rare traits?? and I bet the girl next door is attracted to one of you...why spend so much energy on someone if not for that??? hoping less unwanted ppl are in your business and that you do appreciate your gifts...all the best, J
  5. Veclord

    Veclord Active Member

    It's true! You do have some serious writing ability. Particularly the line about the tin foil badge and community college really struck me a certain way. I don't know how old you are but you're definitely wise beyond your years.
  6. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    I'm just shy of 18.

    And I highly doubt she has a crush on one of us, she's in her 50's.

    Also, as far as university goes, I'd prefer the army, specifically the infantry. On my aptitude test they said I qualified for whatever position I could take as a non-sommisioned member, but I still took the infantry.

    There arn't any other jobs that really interest me, and if there were, I've slacked off too much in school to make it to a university.
  7. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    I'm not sure what I can say to help... but I wanted to reply because it sounds like you're going through some rough stuff right now and that nieghbour... ! Words can't explain how much of a cow she sounds. I was going to say, tell the police to check back on your friends property and they'll find no stereo etc but I guess they'd say you removed it afterwards... so that's no good.

    I was thinking, the next time you go over your friends, take a camera with you and film it or something, so then, when the lovely nieghbour complains telling the police about the huge party going on, show the evidence and they'll realise it's all lies.

    What did they charge you with? If there was no music, only a few of you, and no girls on site and she was the only one who complained... pretty weak circumstances, I think.

    As for your grandmother.. maybe if you explain what you said in your post to your mum, about her being really sick, making her upset etc, hopefully your mum will realise maybe it isn't the wisest thing to do. Don't want anymore stress put onto her.

    I really hope everything gets sorted out and you succeed in the army. Take care of yourself. :hug:
  8. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    I actually got them to check the house for a stereo so they realized there was no music, and after they searched the closests and whatnot for the women they thought we had hidden away and found no one, I think they kind of realized the lady was full of it.

    They did get us with underaged drinking though, we were all 17 and 18, so they decided to charge us with underaged drinking.

    I figure even if they didn't find any booze they would still charge us with something, 7 cops can't raid a house and come back with nothing, they'd look foolish explaining that all they found was 5 guys playing video games.
  9. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    A nosy neighbor isn't worth killing yourself over.

    Key her car instead.
  10. Panther

    Panther Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure that there isn't another side to the story here. You need to be very careful especially if you're going to be in the army, and by the sound of your post you've probably got some quite bad anger problems. I agree that some neighbours can be a pain up the arse, but you can't always go blaming everything on other people.
    What has happened to make you feel like this?
  11. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    I'm mostly just pissed that I might lose my future career out of it.

    I also get quite annoyed about people hassling me about the way I drink, I don't hurt anyone, I never pick fights when I drink, rarely do I act the fool, I just wish poeple would mind their own business.

    I get hassled enough about having a drinking problem from my family and friends, the last thing I want is some lady I don't even know bothering me about it.

    And I do have a bit of an anger issue, I numb it down by smoking alot of herb, and drinking, when I'm sober I'm not a very pleasent person to be around.
  12. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    I also think the reason I'm so pissed is because no one understands me. I know that sounds very cliche, but it's true.

    I've been doing assorted drugs since the prime age of 12, so I've got an abnormal perspective of things.

    I figure the meaning of life is to have fun, and people seem to think I'm an idiot for having that belief.
    No one seems to realize people weren't put on this planet to slave away at boring jobs all day.

    It's like anyone who doesn't spend 5 out of 7 days working a job they hate, and spend the other two being a lazy fuck and watching TV is a complete loser.

    I also have developed a big time annoyance for authority figures, I woudn't say a hatred, they dont' seem to know any better, they just flat out annoy me.

    Like people who always call the cops, people who are just eager to throw someone in a cage for a stupid reason. Like my father, he calls the cops over nothing, last year two guys walked through my backyard, they didn't hurt nothing,they weren't stealing anything, he called the police wanting them charged, as if they deserved to get a criminal record for putting their feet on my lawn, which the neighbors cat regularily shits on. Give me a break.

    I hate how selfish people are. Like, if you steal a car stereo, you're slightly inconveniencing and pissing off the person you stole it from, but in return, you get locked in a cage for a long period of time. How is that fair?

    I know people frown upon doing things an eye for and eye, but how can that be worse than the sytem of justice we have now?

    If you punch someone in the face you shouldn't be put in prison for 6 years for assault, you should be punched in the face.

    And so many poeple disagree with that. I just can't understand it.

    I also dont' get how people get upset about others using drugs or w/e.
    What business is it of theres what another person does to their body?

    Tattoos even, I hear people tell me I'm stupid because I have and like tattoos, how does that make someone stupid? As if having some art on your arm lowers your IQ a few digits. People are so small minded, I can't understand it.

    Another thing that drives me nuts is people who hate on gays, I'm not gay, but it still drives me nuts.
    People get offended and grossed out by the presence to two gay guys, why? Unless they're having rough anal sex 6 feet infront of you you've got no reason to complain.

    I also hate how politically correct everything is.
    Like you can't laugh at a race joke, or you're called a racist.
    Deny it all you want, just about everyone has laughed at a race joke, that doesn't make you a racist.

    The world has gotten too pussified and small minded in my opinion.
  13. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    One more thing I can't understand, if you walk down the road naked, you're put in prison and called a pervert.

    Our society is so fucked up we think seeing the human anatomy is a crime punishable by prison, don't get me wrong, I've got no desires of walking own the street bare assed, but why is that considered a criminal thing?

    Is the fleshly suit we're born with really so disgusting we deserve to be put in prson for showing it to someone?

    I just plain and simply don't get it.
  14. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    I'd also like to apoligize for turning this thread into a series of things that annoy me, but I've got one more thing to add before I stop.

    I hate money. People are judged based on their wealth more than anything else, more murders and crime is a result of money than anything else.

    Look at it for what it is for Christ sake, a piece of paper and some ink.

    To me, a stack 200 lbs heavy of 100 dollar bills isn't worth anymore than a 195lb tree and a 5lb vial of green ink

    if society went back to being primal things would be alot better.
  15. Panther

    Panther Well-Known Member

    Hi mate,

    I haven't got time to reply properly now but I'll hopefully remember to later. I thought there were issues like the ones you have mentioned. Don't worry about turning the thread into what you have, it's your thread after all.
  16. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    Or you get put into a psychiatric ward with people saying you're 'manic' and no you shouldn't do that :sad:.
  17. SoulRiser

    SoulRiser Well-Known Member

    gag, I like the way you think. Society is really screwed up. Drinking on your own doesn't hurt anyone. I don't know why you want to go into the military though... you can probably get into university anyway, even though it might take a bit longer. But that's only if you even want to. There's no need to rush...

    Here's some stuff you might find amusing:
  18. ChillCash

    ChillCash Active Member

    Honestly, I would have burnt her house down. That would have really pissed me off and I would want revenge. But I have some anger problems obviosuly.
  19. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    So they entered the house and fined you $450 for drinking? What fucking planet are these guys on...Its called harrassment, the cops have no right to even be in the house...did you ask for a warrant or whatever. The neighbour deserves a beating.

    Even if you were playing music, so farking what? man what a police state...get outta there.