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I trust no one.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Trust No One, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Trust No One

    Trust No One Guest

    I trust no one. I believe all people are vindictive and evil. I think that when you open up to people and trust them with your thoughts and feelings they will just manipulate them and destroy you. You blame me for your problems, for things I didnt do. I don\'t trust you anymore. I do not want you reading into my thoughts. I do not want you in my head knowing things about me. I hate you so much right now. I fuckin\' hate you for blaming me for things that I DID NOT DO. I wish you\'d just go away and stay away. I wish you wouldn\'t come back. You say I hurt you..you lied to me. You lied and told me things that were such a line of bullshit just to make yourself look like the good person. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD AND GO AWAY!!!
  2. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    I don't trust anyone, either. Perhaps my mother, but she's an unusual person. I always try to remember, when I meet someone, that they may want to hurt me, somehow. Doing so is important, because the truth is that most people are this way; usually, in the back of their heads, they have thoughts about using you, somehow. Of course, this is not always the case, but due to the majority of people being so inconsiderate, you have to conclude, it is possible a person will hurt you, if it is important for you, not to be hurt. Unfortunately, this great suspicion means you probably will be alone, the whole of your life, but it is a consequence you have to take. I am rather alone the whole of my life, than to lose my virginity to the wrong person. If I would lose it to the wrong person, it would be imperative that I would die. My exceptionally strict view on virginity, means it basically takes nothing, as well.

    Who might you be talking about, yourself, if you're not uncomfortable with me asking?
  3. Whoever this person you're talking about is, it sounds like you want them gone but they keep coming back into your life. And it sounds like you opened yourself up to them only to have them not give a fuck. Have you tried to just tell them to leave you alone? It usually works. I know it might sound harsh, but by the looks of things, it sounds like that's what you want, and it is better to be truthful to this person then to let them keep coming around and making you feel so low. And to let this person continue to think you want them around while all the while, you really hated them.
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