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I'm sorry but I have been feeling low recently. I thought my withdrawals are over cause my headaches are gone but my mood has been scattering around. I have many times told myself that "it shall pass," but I feel so focus on it like I feel so impulsively low. I have been working really slow with the stuffs I love to do and have been watching dead eras and thinking about the past a lot. I have been feeling it, so suicidal, I despise saying it and I am so scared to tell my mental health professionals. For one, they scared the shit out of me when they ask, "do you have any suicidal thoughts?" I'm always lying and gone speechless because I know I would be lock up and I don't want that. I don't know how to express it for help without being caught. And SF is the last person for me to say it. This is my first time I expressed it here since I got out of it. I don't know how to get help.


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Hi ,reading this ,to me there seems to be shame and guilt ,these are typical of depression ,i can totally relate .
Ide start with changing the wording under your name ,,our language and words create alot of how we feel .
I used to think i was great because i was good at self deprecating ,but its a form of putting myself down .
Ask your mental health team to help you with building up your self asteem tools and practice them the rest of your life and are they helping with finding the route cause .
Im not a professional so put anything to your team before doing anything .
What withdrawls are going through ?.ive been in protracted withdrawl myself from antidepressants.
There is a difference between thoughts and actions ,dont let the obsession of thoughts overwhelm you ,i can relate ,its a pain .
Peace .
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If you're too scared to tell the professionals exactly what you're feeling, you still don't have to go completely speechless or pretending there's no problem. You can just say "what we're doing now isn't working, the depression symptoms are still too strong" or something like that. Enough to get them trying harder without having to worry about saying too much.*brohug Want you to be okay, but not faking it.


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I've been spending a couple years working up to saying things directly to my therapist about suicidal thoughts. So that I get. It's super hard. But you can say that things are bad, or that you are feeling worse, like Gonz suggests.

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