i try and i try and eventually it all comes crashing down

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I ate 2 medium slices of pizza last night. They really weren't that big at all. And somehow I gained 3 pounds when I checked my weight today. I've been working so hard exercising for 1-2 hours per day trying to lose weight and I have one little slip up and it puts me like 10 steps behind again. I can't deal with this. I want to die now. But I can't do that, don't even have enough medicine to. So instead I'm going to go barf up my breakfast and take suboxone with a bottle smirnoff.


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honey our weight changes from one day to the next depending on so many different things like the amount of liquid we have drank and the time of day etc There is nothing wrong with having a slice of pizza or two every now and again. Its really not good for your body to purge yourself as it can cause many many health problems later in life. big hug xx


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agree with shadowgirl....
we women put on and lose weight at different times of the month..all hormonal..
and when exercising you are building up muscle which will weigh more but not show up as any weight on your body..


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I've decided to try nutrisystem so that I don't fuck up with eating bad stuff ever again.

I knew a guy that lost 150 lbs on it...I only need like 15-20 and ill be happy.
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