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    my father has depression but he refuse to go a therapy because he said that he is too old. i need to understand him even i have depression. he said things without thinking. it hurts me sometimes. the best thing i can do is understand him and think that what he said is due to depression..
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    Hey tell your dad people get treatment for depression any age. You need to look after you and the effect your dad depression is having on you. Can you get some therapy or coucilling to help you cope. Maybe talk with his doctor too to see if GP can order some antidepressants for your dad even without therapy this can help. Remember to take care of you okay as your dr to set you up with councilling I am glad your here so yu can talk to someone who understands.
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    I have learned that I cannot make anyone get therapy or take meds. When my daughter would not go, I decided I would go because I that was the one thing that I could do.

    I set an example. My daughter eventually went to therapy.