I understand why Vets do it!

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    I totally understand why combat veterans kill themselves at a rate three times higher than that of the general population.The system is set up against them.A guy does a combat tour and gets diagnosed with PTSD..He is married and has two kids.He leaves the military with a 30% disability rating which is maybe 500 bucks a month.He has trouble in the civilian work force because his mind is trained to react a certain way when threatened..He never really starts the trouble with co workers but he doesn't know how to back down.Co workers find out he is a combat vet and they start treating him like he is a ticking timebomb.He loses several jobs and his wife leaves him and he becomes an every other weekend Dad who is forced to pay 600 bucks a month and his only income is a 500 buck disability check.He cant find a job because empolyers see him as a potential liability.He pays his ex wife what he can but in a few months he is far enough behind on child support that the state brings him to court.The judge gives him a month to pay up or he will be put in jail.After a month he goes back into court and tells the judge he cant pay and the judge puts him in jail for thirty days.When he gets out he is a totally destroyed human being with no hope.He sees his ex wife and kids one last time and then he kills himself because he is worth dead than alive..That story has happened thousands of times.The details may be a little different but the basics are there.I know this now!!The system is the problem
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    What a terrible story; I am sorry for everyone this happens to.

    Is this a specific guy? Do you know if he is getting any help? Therapy (I know PTSD can't be cured, but there are some coping methods that can better some of the symptoms).

    My best wishes to him despite it all!
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    This is a specific story about a Marine from Georgia..The basics of this story have happened to vets hundreds of times.Combat rewires your brain.Most peoples get upset or angry at a gradual pace..For some vets with PTSD there is no middle ground ..They go from calm to fighting for their life in a split second because that's how they learned to survive..In the civilian world that will get a guy fired from a job quick and itll give him a rep that will never leave him..I know now what this feels like and I totally understand why some vets see no other way out..Vets are extremely proud people who hate to ask for help.I know there are a lot of people who abuse the VA syatem but there are also a lot of vets that have to build up enough courage to walk in the place because they see it as a sign of weakness..Alot of guys that really need help get frustrated and leave.There is help at the VA but sometimes its slow..the family SDcourt system in the US might as well be run by NAZI Germany because they truly have no empathy for a person who has done things and seen things that have scared them for life..If a vet has documented combat and is diagnosed with PTSD or TBI and this vt had lost a job because of this a judge should never consider using jail as a way to make him.All that does is in lots of cases is convince him that he would be better off dead..