I understand why Vets do it!!

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Turbo, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. Turbo

    Turbo Member

    I totally understand why combat vets kill themselves at a rate that is three times higher than that of the general public..The system is set up against them!!I could never have understood how a person could go through with it until the system showed me how unfair it could really be..
  2. Petal

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    Hi @Turbo want to elaborate on your situation? It might help to get it all out in the open. Sorry you are feeling so hopeless right now but with the right supports in place things can get better. You can change things for the better. Only you.
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  3. Turbo

    Turbo Member

    Think about this..A guy joins the Marines and volunteers to be in the infantry.He does one combat tour and and when he comes home he is diagnosd with PTSD..He is married and has two kids.Upon discharge from the Corps he is given a disability rating of 30% which is maybe 400 bucks..He moves the family home and gets a job..He has trouble at work because of his temper and the way he overreacts to things.He gets fired from two jobs because his mind is still in a combat zone and and his reactions to things are so over the top that his coworkers are actually scared of him.He is actually a very nice guy until someone pushes his buttons..With money being short his wife thinks the grass is greener somewhere else so divorces him.He becomes an every othr weekend Dad and the Judge calculated child support off his income from his previous job even though he had already been fired from that job..So now this guy has to pay 800 bucks per month in child support and his only income is a 400 dollar VA disability check..He goes from interview to interview trying to find a job but the employers in this town know he is a combat vet with ptsd so they look at him as a potential liability or a ticking timebomb..Before he can find a job he is already behind on child support by 1500 bucks so the state brings him into court..He explains to the judge the problems he is having and the judge gives him thirty days to get the support caught up..He is basically homeless with no money and noone will hire him and a judge expects him to come up with 1500 bucks for back support and 800 bucks for the present month in thirty days time..The guy is heartbroken from the divorce he feel useless because noone will hire him and all he has to look forward to is a judge calling him a deadbeat dad and putting him in jail..This guy was great Marine and he is great human being but he didn't adjust well to the civilian world..He walks into court and tells the judge he cant pay and the judge charges this criminal with contempt of court and orders him to serve thirty days in jail.This guy won Bronze Star!!There is no way for anyone to convince me that this guy deserved to treated like this..He does his thirty days sees his wife and kids one last time and then kills himself because he figures he is worth more dead than alive..This has happened thousands of times..I never could understand how a person could take their own life but when the system treats a person like this its easy to lose all hope
  4. Big M

    Big M Well-Known Member

    You vets definitely get the shaft when you come home, it's a sad disgrace and it does lead to the high suicide rate you all have. The government does not do enough for you guys after it has used you up. I struggle with employment due to mental issues as well and when people ask why I am not married it is story's like this that remind me why. I really hope you can talk to some kind of social worker and see if you can get some more support due to PTSD.
  5. spacecowboy

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    The way that Vets are treated in the US is disgraceful. And sadly the answer always seems to be more war. It would make my grandfather (WWII vet) puke.
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