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I used to wonder why I always end up alone.

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Maybe it's because I'm a jackass who uses his friends, especially the female ones, just because he's an idiot with no impulse control. Maybe it's because I'm an asshole to everyone because of the trust issues I should have gotten over in eighth grade. Maybe it's because I talk down to everyone like I'm so fucking smart. Maybe it's because I drag everyone around me down with me when I'm depressed. Maybe it's because I can't do anything right. Maybe it's because having friends is pointless when I drive them all away in the end. Maybe it's because I don't deserve to be alive because of the things I've done. Maybe it's because I cry myself to sleep instead of doing anything that's anywhere close to productive. Maybe it's because everyone is tired of me treating them like a therapist. Maybe because I'm a self-loathing little idiot who spends so much time complaining about himself that he can't even function as a human fucking being! Maybe it's because of all of the people that I've hurt. Maybe it's because all I do is hurt people. Maybe it's because I should have ended it a long time ago. Maybe I should end it, and save my present and future friends from being hurt.
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