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I want an easy way out..

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And I know death is not the easy way out. But I need one right now because life is just way too fucking hard. College was supposed to be a re-do for me. But things have just gotten worse. I didn't even know it was possible but things have gotten worse. Yes, before I was depressed but at least I WAS a good student. Now I can't even do that right. I just want to go away.:(


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Sorry you are finding it difficult. College is hard, a lot of work and a lot of new people and things to get used to. Please keep trying, be the best student you can be and the rest will come naturally I think.


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Going on to college is so very challanging,and it takes a while to adjust and get one's bearings...what can you do so that you can improve your work? Get tutoring, work with a classmate, drop a class to make the class load easier? Many of us struggled during Freshman year...I almost failed out. Please step back and see what kind of action plan you can put into place...talk to people who did well in college to see how they got through...and post here...big hugs, J


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Hmm... Well it is hard to find an easy way out with so few details.

So.... Is this your second attempt at college? How was going to college supposed to be a second chance? Have you tried to change your usual habits while at college?


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I want an easy way out too. Wish someone would kill me- to make certain that I'm dead. I definitely don't want to live through an attempt.
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