I want for once....

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    I want people to start being honest with me and stop lying to me constantly. I'm sick of the bullshit and sick of the drama that ensues. Why not grow up and speak the truth for once

    I want people to stop the attempts of manipulating me. Words that I know are NOT true will not make me like you more. They will make me more angry and make me want to rip out your vocal chords.

    I want people to start respecting me for who I am and not what I have to offer. Yeah I am a nice person but if you cross the line to the point where I feel violated I will not back down and I will show you a side of me you do NOT want to see.

    I want to meet someone that will accept me for who I am, for my flaws, for my faults, for my good aspects etc. I am sick of childish boys and girls that only want to create and cause drama. I do not want to be in the drama, I do not want to play games...I'm too old for that shit.

    I want for once, just once, be hugged and it be meant. I'm sick of the hugs that are given b/c they feel obligated. Fuck off with your obligations.

    I want people to stop blaming me for things that are clearly not my fault. Blaming me for things that have nothing to do with me will not further you in life and will not make you look any better. It will just make you look like a pathetic, petty fuckin' human being.

    I want people to actually listen to my words and hear me instead of half listening and then having no clue as to what I said. I hate people like that..and yeah you know who you are.

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