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I want it to stop now...

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Hey all, Junior Year starts tomorrow, and im feeling like total shit. to me, going back to school just means constant reminders of my inability to approach a girl. Not just get shy, but i mean i have never had a girlfriend, and im 17. I may be young, but all my friends have had some form of a relationship, but im not (just) looking for sex. Theres a girl i would die for, shes the nicest person ive ever met and also one of the prettiest. Shes also one of the only girls to accept me as i am, a shy, relatively outgoing person, right off the bat. I finally worked up the courage to start routinely having lunch together on a regular basis, getting to know each other and getting to know her friends, too. They are all really nice people, which is refreshing, since high school is full of assholes. So at this point we're pretty friendly, (this happened last year, by the way) and i was thinking i might be able to ask her out without it being weird. Naturally, the next thing i see on the way home from school that day is her and another guy holding hands, walking together. The next day, they announce they are goin out, and are still going strong. Now, dont get me wrong, I am happy for her as long as shes's happy, but this was the first time in my life that I actually had the balls to make the first move and try and get to know her. And it worked, too! until the day i start planning to ask her out, someone gets there first. Normally, I would sit on my ass and think: "oh my god, shes so beautiful, if only I could talk to her." but this time i actually did it, and almost immediately after, another guy got there first! Now, this may not seem like much of a reason to contemplate suicide, but this combined with my dad's pressure to do well (which just stresses me out even more so i do worse), my parents constantly fighting, then taking their anger out on me, all adds up to shitty day after shitty day. If this is life, I want no part in it.

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Hi hun so much to deal with as a teenager hugs to you Perhaps this relationship with the new boy won't work out hun who knows maybe there will be another girl just as kind maybe shy even like you that will need your help to fit in. Take each day at a time okay If your parents are stressing you out let them know it hun try staying at a relatives place for awhile just so you can unwind a bit maybe on weekend hugs to you


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You took the first steps with this girl and they didn't pan out.. So find another girl maybe one of her friends and work your way up to asking her out.. You have the potential your just shy..


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As i looked through the forums more in-depth, I realized how silly my situation must be to a lot of people here, since they have even worse problems than me, but I still feel the same way about life as many of them. I dont know, it just makes me feel like im just being dramatic...
Let me give you some advice.... I used to be a Babe (now I am a troll), but as a once pretty good looking chick, let me tell you this. Most of the time girls are 10 times shyer than you. I knew i was pretty decent looking but the fact that no one would hardly ever approach me took a toll on my self esteem. The only guys that would approach me were jerks and then i would get burned every time. As i got older i had more guy friends and i would just tell them that i just wish some of the "nice guys" would come talk to me. Keep in mind most women are emotional beings and want a sweet romantic "courtship" and/or bad boys. If you could manage both...you will be a mere God among mortals. lol. Also women are brain washed by chick flicks and fairy tales. Look up what a "meet-cute" is and that is the perfect foot in the door. Just dont be a jerk to these girls, or they will be on this forum one day! lol, good luck man, and enjoy yourself.


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You shouldn't feel like giving up.. I was really shy at your age, but that's around the time I ended up in a serious relationship and pregnant. I was married by age 23.

Thing with this girl, she's young, not exactly at the point of being married. All is fair in love and war. Just because she has a boyfriend, doesn't mean you have no chance with her. Stay friends with her, if they break up, you could then ask her out..

Audio84 knows what they are talking about.. I was always told I expected too much from a relationship, like you'd see on a soap opera or such, I'd want the other person to actually be able to show that they loved me, not just say it.

Your old enough that it shouldn't have to be too long before you can get your own place. I'd work on finding a job so you can be set up to do that when you graduate. If your parents start fighting, I'd just stay in your room, or go out and take a walk, give yourself space from them if they want to drag you into the mess.
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