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I want my death looks like natural death

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Hello to everybody.

I want to kill myself. But I want it looks like natiral death. I don't want anybody from my relatives knows it was suicide. How to realize it? I need reliable plan, easy and fast. Any suggestions?


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I'm sorry, we cannot tell you in any way, shape or form on how to kill yourself, only to give you emotional support.

jane doe

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crazydriver why do you want to killyourself, what´s hurting you. tell us, may be we can help you, or make you feel a little better, we all are here for the sames reasons, so woul you give us a chance?


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honestly, i'm kind of with crazydriver...
but to repeat the others before me: sorry...we don't do that here.
..if i do end up killing myself and they just so happen to find the body, i don't want to leave some junked-up leftover for my mother to identify.

...of course, this is if i'm found.

i'm doing my best to keep such thoughts away but current, recurring family/friendship/relationship issues cause it to not be too far from my mind.

there isn't any need to absolutely worry about me just yet..i think.
you all on here'll probably know before anyone else.

so..keep hope (and yourself) alive...

tomorrow's another day. it'll be better, if only 'cos we haven't gotten there yet.
- Henry
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