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    I was 13 when I first took my nails and dug them deep into my arm.. enough to draw blood. Back then I didn't understand...I didn't get why it was wrong or why I was doing it at all, it just made me feel better. When I was 15 I started biting myself... biting my arms so bad I bit through the skin and my whole arm would be big massive bruises... I remember my gym teacher asking about the bruises and covering it up with a lie. Then came when I would hit myself in the head.. and then the cutting started... It wasn't until I was 20, a year ago that I realized how much easier it would be with a knife. Now I hurt myself with anything I can find... I smashed a glass on the floor the other day so I could use the shards... today I picked up a hammer and started hitting my wrist. I want out of this vicious circle :(
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    We all have our own reasons for self injuring. Mine are control issues. But you need to get some help now hun. Do you have a therapist or counsellor? Or you can even try the local crisis line. They can help you to figure out where to start. Another good place to turn is a support group. Again, the crisis line can help you there. I cant tell you to stop but I'm concerned as to the degree that it has gotten to. Please make that call.
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    I agree with itmahanh, try to get help. I don't know what else to say other than that I feel for you and hope things will get better for you. :hug: