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I want to be able to die this year hopefully please god kill me

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I am too coward to commit suicide.
I always wanted to die earlier since i was 16.
life has no meaning at all
it's all about the money, money gives happiness and solves 99% of the problems.
School really sucks I hate it and I can't force myself to work hard, not doing well at all so I will not make a lot of money in the future. Life has no meaning, all my friends left me, my gf dumped me. If there is a creator then I really hate him he is playing me like a chess game he's enjoying it but I am not.


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Im so sorry your suffering right now....please know we are here for you and you can lean on us as much as you need to....money isnt everything, but I hear ya, it sure is nice to have....thier are other girl's out thier for you....I'm real sorry your in so much pain...I do hope you lean on us and together maybe we can help you get through this....thinking of you.....


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It's true sf1... without any money it's impossible to have a decent life, but that doesn't mean that the more you have, the happier you'll be. All you need is the amount enough to survive. From that point on, it won't be about the money anymore. There are much more important things in this world.
I hope you'll make it through. If you need someone to talk to, i'm right here.



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Actually, money is one of the most important things. From there you can get somebody (because nobody wants to be with a poor person). As far as school and grades, I think there are "special" jobs out there for people without degrees or even high school diplomas. You just have to search for them. I say special, because there is still good money in them. The more money you have, the happier you will be. For anyone who disagrees, they either are rich and unhappy because they are just too stupid to realize what their life is if they were dirt poor and completely ungrateful, or they are poor and happy. For the ones that are poor and happy then great, you have accomplished much, but with more money I assure you you would be happier.


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i am in the exact same spot, school and financial-wise anyway. i don't understand how school is so easy for some people. i struggle all the time. i struggle to find time for everything, to decide on a major and stick with it, to not get overworked and have a breakdown and drop half my classes.
i just decided that this summer i am going to run away for a while. and go live without money, see how the world is when you have nothing at all. come back and know what it's like to really WANT something - and have a reason to work hard for it.
actually the thing i am most afraid of is that i will just not come back at all.

PM me sometime, sf1. i'm here for you.


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I understand where you're coming from. I feel like dirt all by myself, just because of who and what I am, but to add financial problems just makes it ten times worse. I feel for you. I have no answers but will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that things start to improve for you.

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