I want to be God!!!!!

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    So that everytime a so called leader or politicain of a damn country wants to call out the troops and delcare war.... I can reach down, take the two fucking idiots and put them in a locked room together. All and any weapons they like at their disposal and let them fight it out til the death. Instead of hundreds of thousands of young men women and even children around the globe, having to do their dirty work for them. While they sit back under heavy guard and protection and watch the death tolls climb from their private sanctuary!!!!!!! Gleeming with pride as the dead pile up, their country is destroyed on so many levels and they sit there gloating about what a great leader they are to be able to cause such mayham and fucking sorrow. Then I'd send them straight to Hell where every square inch of mountable wall space was covered with the photos of the faces and mangled bodies of those that died unnecessarily because of their leaders' fucking ignorance. War is Hell. Maybe it's time these fucking leaders learned exactly what the Hell that means!!! FUCK!!!
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    I don't have many words at the moment except to agree; war is hell.
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    You have my vote Carla and if you need any assistance, I'm available.
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    Totally agree :( :hug:
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    What I've thought all along tbh
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    why stop at war?
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    War is population control for a world that's not even close to reaching it's limits. Either way, it usually ends up being a population control for the middle-lower class and below. Politicians usually have friends in the upper class, so they can sit back and watch the show.

    Wars between nations are stupid, but the one in afghanistan is the only war anyone should fight. If someone is going to kill you whether you fight or not, kill you for the sole reason that your allied country is stronger than they are....well it's best to see them dead so the rest can live in peace.
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    Population control? There are birth control pills and condems for that. Much less painful and scary to innocent people then watching and seeing loved ones killed and taken away from their family and friends, their lives cut short so that some ass can say in the end.... haha I win!

    Remember that , it's population control, when and if there is another world war and you're number is called.

    War is one of the most stupidest and useless ideas God has ever let man entertain!!!!
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    War is complicated, and it is impossible to say that it is absolutely wrong. But no war exists without at least one nation (or proportion of those in power in a nation), unreasonably wanting to abuse, exploit or increase power. Whether it is the aggressor in war, wishing to impose their will on others, for gain of power and control, for gain of property, or the defender in war, who want to keep a position of abuse and exploitation over those they have power over, at least one, and often both parties, are wrong in doing so.

    But there is war that is right, but that war is to stop such explotation, such abuse of power, to defend others who may not have the strength to defend themselves. Even though such wars are paid for in the currency of human life, it is neccessary to protect further human life, and those who choose to fight, and believe in such, i have huge admiration for.
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    Birth control offends some people such as the Pope. So instead of using condoms in africa, it might be best to give them guns (or whatever the enlightened Pope was thinking)...classical population control is a good way to. Although todays wars are nothing of the sort, so few die that its barely a scratch on the cause of all deaths around the world. Many more die from car accidents then the soldiers dying from the war.

    Menchi is right though. Often in a war between nations, there is an agressor and a defender and it's gets more complicated there in. People will look negativly on the aggressor, but what if the country they were attacking was doing inhumane things to it's own citizens? would it be best to sit and watch innocent men, women and children die at the hands of those who should protect them? And sometimes the aggressor wants nothing more than material goods, in which case the aggressor should be looked at with scorn.

    But i think the wars that are most justified are against terrorists, (unlike nations) terrorists only target civilians, to cause terror. At least in a time of war between nations, there are rules, and the only people who die, are the people who signed up to fight. If they want to do that....that's fine...some people like killing. But taking out terrorists is a war that is justified, because those people would stop at nothing to cause destruction and death on the highest scales they can.

    Don't bring God into this. God has been the cause of more death and suffereing than any other war to date. How many genocides have taken place because apparently some people were worshiping the wrong god? How can you worship the wrong God? there's only one. I think he hears your prayers whether you call him Yaweh, Quetzacotal, Jehovah...etc. God doesn't let us entertain the idea of war...he just doesn't care. He's GOD, he has better things to do than watch a petty species such as ourselves destroy each other. Humans are way too egotistical if they think they warrant the attention of God.

    But if you look at the trend of wars (after we stopped fighting because of religion) and overall violence, it has declined ever since we've kept history. Every war has been less devastating than the one before it. There will be a day eventually when we evolve beyond our need to kill one another.

    Until then, i support the people who stand up and fight for those who can't fight for themselves. The same people who volunteer to fight to keep us safe. War is terrible but it's best to let those who want to do the killing (the volunteers) to do the killing. They know what they're signing up for, they know they might die, but it's their choice...you can't say they signed up because they needed a job, because i don't think mcdonalds has ever turned anyone down. They do it for a bloodlust, a sense of duty, honor, or whatever they do it for, i support them because they keep us safe.

    There won't be another world war, because the consquences would mean that nobody wins. It'll end in a stalemate because there won't be anyone alive from either side. So there won't be any more drafts...at least not from most civilized countries.

    War is terrible...but for now...it's often necessary. Someone has to protect us from the evil in the world (dictators and lunatics). There will be a day soon when it will be obsolete.
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    Uhhhh..."Suicide"! I have never in my life seen such a compilation of incoherent rambling. Well, I take that back, because I have seen some of Hitler's speeches on film. I'm not comparing you to Hitler in substance, but the incomprehensible nature of your statements do bare some resmemblance. Please assure me that you are not joking and I will address this tomorrow.
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    "War" against terrorism is another thing all together. They arent a single leader calling a country to arms. Yes, eliminating a terrorist threat is necessary.

    As for stating that "At least in a time of war between nations, there are rules, and the only people who die, are the people who signed up to fight," could you please tell me where you discovered this amazing truth? And please tell that to the people that you see in the pictures of magazines and newspapers and in the news that are carrying the bodies of innocent children and family members from apartments or houses that were blown up or torn apart by gun fire.

    Many countries enlisted personal are now paid to be soldiers. Not too many people would be running up to enlist on a voluntary basis. Hmmm thinking maybe that is why they had to draft so many people for past wars.

    "If they want to do that....that's fine...some people like killing."
    If it is blood lusting killers that should be out there fighting to protect all us innocent civilians Hell then why dont we just give firearms to all the prison inmates around the world and turn them loose to fight.

    "There won't be another world war, because the consquences would mean that nobody wins. It'll end in a stalemate because there won't be anyone alive from either side."Personally I think you are quite niave to believe there could never be another world war. Thank Yaweh, Quetzacotal, Jehovah or even God himself that Hitler didnt have available at his service the weapons of mass destruction that we do now. Wouldnt be typing this. You honestly think that there is no chance of another Hitler? Another ruler that may be so unhinged that he wouldnt care if it meant the enilation of mankind. He'd be sitting in Hell saying.... I win. Look at what one man (and I use that term very loosely), Osama bin laden was able to pull off. And that was with only a small number of people. Imagine if he had the means to convince hundreds of thousands of others? By the way, he still hasnt been held accountable for his actions. How many people remember that this is what started this fight now? It scares me to think that there are men out there that powerful to the right kind of people. Hmmm sort of like Hitler was. To an organization that grew and grew.

    I'm 45 and have been truly blessed to live with the liberties and freedoms that were given to me by the men and women who fought so diligintantly in WW1 and WW2. I hold the highest regard for all the young men and women who are currently fighting today. I am fortunate that so far in my lifetime I have never had to experience the devastation of war on my own soil. But I have suffered the loss of too many young people who had so much more to offer in a lifetime than to be so far from home fighting a battle that really had nothing to do with them. So back to my original thought. Let the leaders that want war fight it out amongst themselves and leave all the innocent people alone to live their lives.
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    Actually "Suicide" I can't wait to hear if you're being sarcastic or not...there's too much of a serious tone to think you're trying to be humorous. So I'll just start with one of your more ridiculous statements...paraphrased!

    "god has better things to do than let us entertain the idea of war"

    Like what? Pulling off another creation somewhere in the universe? Coming up with a cure for cancer? Playing with a Rubic's (sp?) cube?
    Baking a cake? Flossing? Oh, shit...he did bake a cake :cake:! Oh...I know...he's trying to make a dancing chicken :sparkle:!