i want to be less paranoyed

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i've noticed this for ages, vut even more so in the last few weeks.

i keep having the sense that people are talking about me and following me- even though they arn't....

like once my friend got this phonecall about a meeting she had to attend and when she finished on the phone i kept asking her what was said about me, and even though she tried to reasure me, nothing was said.. i still wouldn't believe it

do any of you have tips on how to maybe deal with this a bit better?


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i would recommend a positive thinking regimen and remembering to kick out those horrible thoughts and replace them with more positive ones. you can always catch me about if you need me


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I'd try self-hypnosis if I were in your shoes.

I've used it a bunch, but never for paranoia - but it seems like it should help. It can generally help with thinking/sensing.

PM me with your email if you're interested, I'll send you a self-hypnosis file with instructions. It'll take a bit over an hour the first week, and then about 30 minutes a week - compared to most methods of handling it this is fairly fast. It might also show results within a single day but you need to reinforce it to make it strong and lasting.
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