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i want to blow my brains out so my organs can save peoples lives

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ok so i have been thinking about how i might commit suicide
i used to think <Mod edit:Inmemoryofyou:methods>but then i realised other than escaping for me that helps no one
so i thought about this if <mod edit:inmemoryofyou:methods>in a hospital my organs could be used to save people who NEED and WANT to live. ok so i saw this on a tv show but in reality it would work.
but then i thought why do i want this? is it to feel important? so my death isnt a waste? or is it because i dont really want to die and i wont be able to get hold of a gun to do this? :S
sorry just needed to share

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I Hope you get help to keep you well hun i hope your reach out and get some therapy for you so you can live your life in less darkness hugs


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I understand your feelings. I feel extra bad in the summer. Hearing that pop song on the radio "If I die Young" doesn't help me. I feel so trapped. I want to live, but I can't continue this misery.


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BTW, my cousin died six years ago. Not suicide, but he was very young and his organs were donated. I'm happy that at least something good came out of such a tragic thing. Still, it haunts me. Hope you start feeling better and that these feelings pass. Remember, don't seek out a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Things can resolve themselves. Hugs for you.


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I also wish I could die in a way that at least preserves the organs for donation. It's really too bad we don't have this option. I doubt the population would take a significant hit and if it did would that be so bad with more people starving and falling into poverty every day?

I remember seeing the Dalai Lama on a TV special, and he said something like, "Human life is precious, but if too many people, then human life becomes not so precious." My sentiments exactly although I feel we've already crossed this point.
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